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Perpetual Gateways / Ed Motta

Ed Motta - Perpetual Gateways


For pianist Ed Motta, "Perpetual Gateways" is the gateway between his love of soul and jazz and just so happens to be his first US recording. Motta has assembled an impressive group of musicians, notably pianist Patrice Rushen, drummer Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Greg Phillanganes and many more. Among the highlights are "Hypochondriac's Fun", a jazz infused pop tune reminiscent of Motta's previous release "AOR". Those recordings undoubtedly inspired by Motta's admiration for Steely Dan. "Heritage Deja Vu" is another highlight filled with warm melodic Rhodes and Motta's powerful albeit soothing vocals. The midpoint of the disc segues into the jazz phase and the band stretches out as evidenced on "I Remember Julie". Motta displays his improvisational vocal dexterity while Trumpeter Curtis Taylor's colorful phrasings add another layer of pleasure. "Overblown Overweight" is another delight augmented by Motta's scat singing. Originally known as a pop soul singer, Motta's ascension into the jazz arena is seamless and this recording is nothing short of tremendous.

Reg Dancy, 02/16