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Everything Must Change / Georg Levin

Georg Levin - Everything Must Change

BBE Records

Georg Levin’s second solo project follows up his critically acclaimed debut “Can’t Hold Back”. “Everything Must Change” provides more of that soulful flavor, this time with some pop rhythms mixed in for good measure. The selections here contain the right balance of electronic beats and live instrumentation that allows you to enjoy repeated listens. The disc starts off with “Need To Understand”, a pleasing mid-tempo tune that starts out as a boogie tune and then shifts into a laidback groove. The title track is a funky synth laden number with strings that harkens back to the danceable beats of the eighties. Georg is joined by Clara Hill on the upbeat disco flavored “The Better Life”. “Time to Reenact” gives an indication of a Georg Levin live set. The song is carried through with a funky rhythm guitar and live drums and proves that Georg can work seamlessly either in the studio or on the stage. While Georg’s voice isn’t overpowering, they’re tailor made for his compositions. Overall, “Everything Must Change” sparkles with good vibes and slick production. Not a bad song on the album, you can easily add this to the track list of your next party or groove to it during an afternoon drive. You’ll be glad you did.

Reg Dancy, 04/10