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Misunderstood / Georgie Sweet

Georgie Sweet - Misunderstood


When vocalist Georgie Sweet dropped the lead single "Half Human" in 2018, it provided a sneak peak into a potentially promising lp. It's safe to say that with "Misunderstood" the promise has been fulfilled in spades. Gergie's debut is filled with warm soulful hip-hop beats and jazzy vibes topped off with her blissful vocals and heartfelt compositions. There are many gems to sort through but "What I Had Done" is a great place to start. Produced by Marc Rapson, the track features a catchy hook aligned with an infectious hip-hop beat built on top of an irresistible groove. Sweet's cool harmonies are the icing on the cake. "Sorry" the second single also produced by Rapson blossoms with a slow burning tempo and warm chords. A live recording of the tune from Futuristica HQ is featured here as well. "Flower", produced by Theo Howarth is a soulful electronic gem with exotic melodies augmented by Sweet's ethereal vocals. Other notable producers on hand are K15, Mecca 83 and Simon S himself. With nary a weak tune in sight this marks another triumph for the Futuristica label in 2020, not to mention an outstanding debut. For Ms Sweet, the future looks very bright.

Reg Dancy, 10/20