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Common Decency / Hackney Colliery Band

Hackney Colliery Band - Common Decency

Wah Wah 45s

Funk, Brass and Groove are just a few ways to describe the sound of the Hackney Colliery Band but their sound doesn't end there. They have managed to combine elements of Punk, Afro-beat  and Hip-Hop into their sound with a high degree of success. Ever since they emerged in 2008 their brand of Brass has fused the aforementioned sounds into the London underground music aesthetic. Their latest release, "Common Decency" was recorded live and takes another step forward in their evolving sound. Among the highlights is "Creeping Around After Dark", a tune with a nod to Afro-beat rhythms and swinging horns. "Dead Dialogue" features plenty more funky horns as well as Luke Christie's spirited work on High Hat and Cymbals. Other treats include "Is Your Love Big Enough?", "Superhero Disco" and the crowd favorite "Prodigy Medley". All in all this is an entertaining and energetic record that will provide definite satisfaction. There's a surge of Brass Bands emerging all over the globe. With HCB's British blend of Brass with a touch of Balkan flavor they're certain to stand out amongst the pack.

Reg Dancy, 01/14