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My Little Green Box / Hawa

Hawa - My Little Green Box

Favorite Recordings

Macon, France native Jennifer Zonou, aka Hawa has steadily built an impressive resume since starting her career in 2000. After working with local acts around France she eventually connected with Pascal Rioux of Favorite Recordings where she released her first single “D.A.N.C.E.”. A chance meeting with Bruno Howart of Patchworks would ultimately evolved into her debut lp. That is good news since “My Little Green Box” is earthy striped down soul that fits neatly within the Patchworks funk soul roster that includes The Dynamics and Mr. President. Among the highlights are “Never Give Up”, a mellow groover that brims with yearning intensity. “Lost Girl” is a good vibes up-tempo gem ignited by infectious rhythm guitar playing. “Spin Me Around” is another keeper about someone who lifts your spirits when you have those days when everything goes wrong. Hawa’s sun drenched vocals are surrounded beautifully by an irresistible groove, highlighted by the Hammond B3 organ and funky horns. Hawa scores with an impressive debut that certifies her as someone to keep an eye on. This is an enjoyable lp that will harken memories to old soul analog classics that you wish you held onto. This spirited recording will make you think they never left.

Reg Dancy, 07/11