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Chapter One / He3 Project

He3 Project - Chapter One

Family Groove Records

It makes you wonder just how many quality recording there are that never see the light of day for various reasons. Thankfully someone had the good sense to dust off the tapes lying in the garage of Herman Eberitzcsh and eventually that led to the He3 Project. Herman, known back in the seventies as Funky knuckles assembled an eclectic group of musicians like Coke Escovedo, Funkadelic drummer Tiki Fulwood and vocalists Linda Tillery and Johnny Lovett, among others. The music was deemed too experimental and never saw the light of day until now. We are grateful for there is much to savor. “Rapture Of The Deep” is a jazz infused psychedelic funk odyssey. “Funk Punk” is aptly titled as the band delivers a slick head nodding groove that’s in the pocket and funky. “Make It Sweet” is another winner that features a funky lead guitar and Johnny Lovett’s smoothing vocals sail over the melody. This is essential listening if you can’t get enough of that classic soul sound that stretches out to different places but never too far that you lose your way. The best part is that this is just the beginning as there are more grooves in the garage coming our way soon. Stay tuned for we can hardly wait.

Reg Dancy, 09/10