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Zen Badizm / IG Culture Presents

IG Culture Presents - Zen Badizm

Freedom School

One of the pioneers of the West London broken beat scene, IG Culture returns with a spiritually conscious project that embarks on a journey through the history of black music and its culture. All of IG’s influences from soul and jazz to funk and hip hop are molded together here and the results are incredible. The jazz influences are especially notable in that you hear the sounds of Sun Ra and the African rhythms that is instrumental in his music. “Zen Badizm” plays out like a suite as the disc is broken down into three segments. The first segment is twenty minutes long and starts off with “Black”, a broken soul track that deals with some of the struggles within the black community. “Any Questions” finds the underrated rapper John Robinson (aka Lil Sci) dropping science about self empowerment and not succumbing to the traps that hold back youth. Bilal Salaam is a soul singer to keep an eye on. He sounds an awful lot like Eddie Kendricks on “Girl U Need A change Of Mind”. The only drawback for me is that this disc is only about 43 minutes so it left me wanting more. That being said, Zen Badizm is a great piece of work by IG Culture. The man has assembled a fine catalogue of quality music under many monikers and this project is no exception. This is essential listening.

Reg Dancy, 09/08