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Isotope / J'S Bee

J'S Bee - Isotope

Far Out

J's Bee has released several albums in Japan but "Isotope", their latest is the first to hit the UK market. This impressive release is filled with deep melodic rhythms enhanced with lush arrangements. The Japanese seven member collective strikes a nice balance in merging multiple genres without overpowering the sound. The controlled intensity is felt from the onset with the opener “Strange Supper”, where the groove simmers and the rhythms percolate, at this point the group has you woven in their web with no release point in sight . “Lights” is a warm and engaging ballad sung by vocalist Yuko Kawasaki and features beautiful solo from Yukiko Matsunaga on piano. “Farewell North Sea” merges lush arrangements with a touch of a dub step groove that is deeply satisfying. On “Chuck It All” they let loose and stir up a touch of funk.  Although “Isotope” has a jazz aesthetic, it seamlessly merges soul, funk and much more with a delicate touch.  This makes for a superb record that will result in repeated listens.

Reg Dancy, 04/13