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Believe In My Soul / Makoto

Makoto - Believe In My Soul

Good Lookin

The Good Lookin' label, home to Drum 'n' Bass pioneer LTJ Bukem, had rather drifted off my musical map of late, so it is particularly heartening to see it release a new artist album. Makoto, a confirmed Bukem-disciple, makes the kind of uplifting, melodic Drum 'n' Bass that is all too rare these days. You know, the kind with a sunny disposition, rather than the kind that was spawned by the Dark Overlord. Believe In My Soul is not breaking any new ground, but it's not supposed to. It's a high quality album full of intricately woven, musical Drum 'n' Bass, infused throughout with Jazz samples and soulful snippets that will please Good Lookin' fans both old and new. And, if that's not enough, it also includes bonus remixes by Marky and XRS.

Tom Breslin, 04/07