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Mysticism Of Sound / Nat Birchall

Nat Birchall - Mysticism Of Sound

Ancient Archive Of Sound

Nat Birchall has established himself as one of the titans on the Tenor and his latest release provides further evidence of that. "Mysticism Of Sound" builds on his impressive body of work of spiritual jazz compositions. Birchall plays all instruments here and demonstrates that he's up to the task. "Celestial Spheres" embarks on a spiritual journey that finds Birchall channeling the spirit of Sun Ra through his tenor and soprano sax soloing. "Dance Of The Sun God" is a delightful interplay with Birchall's horns rhythms and cymbal exchanges. The celestial synth rhythms of the Korg Minilogue figure prominently on "Inner Pathway" and "Outer Realm". Birchall hits the mark once again with a disc rich in inventive harmonies and meditative vibes that will certainly delight any spiritual jazz enthusiast.

Reg Dancy, 09/20