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Watts Happening / Ohmega Watts

Ohmega Watts - Watts Happening

Ubiquity Records

While listening to parts of Ohmega Watts new CD "Watt's Happening", you may feel as if you've gone back to the era of hip-hop when dudes carried boom boxes everywhere they went and everyone was rocking shell toe adidas. Indeed, Ohmega prooves that you can create hip-hop that is uplifting and thought provoking while keeping your body rockin'. What's even more refreshing is the diverse collaborations, which broadens the album's appeal. On "Eyes And Ears", Philly based rapper Jneiro Jarel comes through and rocks over a funky old school beat. "Are You Satisfied" finds Ohmega giving praise to his mom and features Sugarpie DeSanto, a west coast legend and a former vocalist with James Brown. Brazilian songbird "Tita Lima" provides soothing vocals for "Adaptacao". The laid back "Few and Far Between" finds Ohmega reminiscing about a former companion and the different stages of their relationship. Throughout this disc you'll not only gain an appreciation for Ohmega's rhyming skills but also the live instrumentation by some of the hottest musicians on the west coast. For example, "Work for Wealth" features Barry Hampton of the Portland based raw funk group Triple Grip is an enjoyable slice of cosmic funk. "The Playpus Strut" features Myles Tackett of the L.A. based Breakestra on bass and guitar. Indeed, the drums on this cut will remind you of how you once enjoyed your music before mpc's existed. My only gripe was with twenty songs I felt the disc carried on a bit too long. Ohmega could've trimmed off about three songs. However this is a minor quibble of what is a very strong sophomore project for Mr. Watts. After debuting with the impressive "The Find", Ohmega shows what a talented MC can do when he performs outside the box. Recommended.

Reg Dancy, 01/08