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Sing (If You Want It) / Omar

Omar - Sing (If You Want It)

Ether Music

At the end of 2004 the four track limited 12" sampler was released and all the tracks blew me away, proving Omar had not lost his touch. Two of those tracks are included here and still sound as good as ever. "It's So" became a massive broken Beat anthem and is still heard here, there and everywhere. What we have here are fourteen tracks and proof that Omar is at the top of his game. He's covered all the bases with heavy Hiphop beats featuring Common and Rodney P, hints of R&B with Sing and "Stylin", Latin Jazz on "Be A Man" and of course "Feeling You" with Stevie Wonder back on top form. The quality never lets up and to finish the album off is the simply brilliant "Ghana Emotion", which I just can't get enough of. The standard has been set for album of 2006.

Simon Harrison, 05/06