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For What You've Lost / Raashan Ahmad

Raashan Ahmad - For What You've Lost


I don’t know exactly what inspired the title of rapper Raashan Ahmad’s new release but I would like to think that what we’ve lost is some old fashioned feel good hip-hop, which he provides here in abundance. Indeed, the Crown City Rockers front man delivers another refreshing dose of that laidback soulful hip-hop we never seem to get enough of.  There are many enjoyable tracks here to savor like “Imagination”, a mid-tempo rhodes flavored tune that evokes images of sunny afternoons in Cali, which is where Raashan calls home. “Sunshine” has all the ingredients of a summertime jam, the warmth of the grooves, tight rhymes’ and the soulful voice of Noelle Scaggs for bonus points. Another standout track is “I Am” which features the underrated Chi-town native Rita J. Raashan and Rita J’s effortlessly flowing styles make for good chemistry.  “These Foolish Things” is easily one of the best trackss here, and there are quite a few to pick from. Raashan and guest Count Bass D ride this soul jazz organ grinding groove while Silya Nyomen adds a little bit of spice with her soulful vocals. “Falling” also receives honorable mention thanks in part to supreme lyricist Gift Of Gab and singer Aloc Blacc. Despite the notable guest appearances Raashan impressively carries this disc on his own shoulders. Like his previous release “The Push”, Raashan delivers another strong record filled with lyrics that are fun and some that are thought provoking. This is a well spent investment from the underrated MC.

Reg Dancy, 06/11