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Never Satisfied / Richard Marks

Richard Marks - Never Satisfied

Now Again

"Never Satisfied" is the anthology from Atlanta singer guitarist Richard Marks. Marks may not be a household name outside Atlanta Georgia however this collection reveals a talented soul singer/songwriter and guitarist as well. Over twenty one tracks Marks and his display the type of raw RnB soul arrangements reminiscent of the Stax house band sound as well as other influences. "Funky Fingers" is a funky organ flavored instrumental. The title track is driving funk with tasty guitar licks and horns. Marks voice isn't powerful but effective. "Speak Now" is a slow burning ballad with sweet backing vocals. If not for the fact that this was unreleased material you could've strip off five or six songs to make a stronger record. That being said, "Never Satisfied" provides some sparkling moments of hot buttered soul that will delight raw soul enthusiasts. .

Reg Dancy, 09/15