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Nuclear evolution: The Age of Love / Sa Ra Creative Partners

Sa Ra Creative Partners - Nuclear evolution: The Age of Love

Ubiquity Records

There have been many groups that have come through and displayed the ability lay down the funk. Very few have shown the potential to create the cosmic slop like Sa Ra Creative Partners. Since they emerged on the scene back in 2000, Sa Ra has teased us with a single here and there, most notably the underground hit “Glorious” before finally releasing their debut in 2007. Their latest release, “Nuclear Evolution” fulfills some of the promise that has been long associated with the group. With their trademark psychedelic funk spread across 23 tracks, Sa Ra waxes poetic on tales of partying and all night sexual encounters. Some of the highlights include “Dirty Beauty”, which features Erykah Badu. “Melodee N Mynor” and “Gemini’s Rising featuring Rozzie Daime”. “Traffika” depicts a wild night of chaos in New York City. They slow things down for a moment to enter the galaxy of love on “Love Today”. Each track features their trademark spacey synths, funky basslines and soulful production. Sa Ra’s stylish compositions have been sought after for many hip-hop and soul artists alike. “Nuclear” demonstrates a definitive progression from their debut and will satisfy the legion of fans who like their funk to stretch out beyond the outer limits. Simply put, this is one of the most creative and enjoyable records of 2009.

Reg Dancy, 08/09