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The Network (produced by Marc Mac) / T.R.A.C.

T.R.A.C. - The Network (produced by Marc Mac)


Brooklyn based rapper T.R.A.C. demonstrates on “The Network” that he has lyrics in abundance and the beats to match, courtesy of Marc Mac. Like The Foreign Exchange did several years ago, TRAC and Marc Mac collaborated over the internet and “The Network” is an impressive result of two likeminded talents providing immediate satisfaction.  Over fifteen tracks, T.R.A.C. effortlessly waxes poetic on the daily grind and the economic hardships that surround his environment. On “Step Rite On In” Marc Mac samples the 70’s Blue Magic classic over thick beats while T.R.A.C. leads us on a journey into his life and the code he lives by. ”Radio Heroes” is another banger that features the vocals of Baron aka Drue Davis. “Over My Shoulder” has a laidback groove with a jazzy bassline. On this tune, T.R.A.C. laments about struggling to stay on the right path without being drawn into temptation. “Somn’ For Your Ears” provides more bounce to the ounce and finds T.R.A.C. professing to commitment to the hip hop game. With a release as strong as this one, that’s good news for hip hop enthusiasts.

Reg Dancy, 06/11