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Son of Nyx / Tamil Rogeon

Tamil Rogeon - Son of Nyx

Soul Bank Music

Violinist and composer Tamil Rogeon has built an impressive resume filled with a wide array of accomplishments. He has composed and conducted for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Austrailian National Academy of Music. He's co-founder of the orchestral electronic band The Raah Project and has worked with acclaimed producer Harvey Sutherland. "Son Of Nyx" is his latest release and it's a spiritual jazz gem not to be missed. Rogeon's sublime violin melodies are puncuated by Danny Fischer's spirited drumming on "House No Wheels". "Bad Sandals" is filled with Rogeon's lush melodies. The track is also highlighted by engaging percussion from Fischer and warm vocal harmonies from Rita Satch that make for a climatic finale. The disc wraps up with the ten minute plus spiritual jazz delight "Horns No Eyes". The tune unleashes splash of riveting fender rhodes in parallel with Rogeon's majestic phrasing of melodies. Simply a superb ending to a wonderful record. This is an early standout for a 2021 release that you need to get.

Reg Dancy, 02/21