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Tempo Dreams 2 / Teeko and B Bravo present

Teeko and B Bravo present - Tempo Dreams 2

Bastard Jazz

Bastard Jazz delivers a second installment of Tempo Dreams, this time enlisting the talents of Bay area funkateers DJ/Producer Teeko and B. Bravo. Together they create an lp filled with electro-funk jams reminiscent of the eighties funk revolution. Highlights include  Don't Stop", a wicked bass heavy tune with spacey synths. "Come Too Far" eases along with a laid back groove and features the deep bass vocals of Black Spade. "Back To The Mitten" is another funky gem with sweet synths augmented by Tony Ozier holding down the vocals. Teeko's production is solid throughout and the vocal arrangements are on point. There's a new generation of funk enthusiasts on the scene delivering the funk and Teeko and B. Bravo are two of many newcomers doing their part to push it along. Much to our delight.

Reg Dancy, 01/14