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Beyond The Rains / The Mitchell and Dewbury Band

The Mitchell and Dewbury Band - Beyond The Rains

Mr Bongo

I got a bit of a shock when I received "Beyond The Rains" because I had no idea there was any plan to re-issue this album and the press release doesn't make any reference to its previous release. Even though this album is 5/6 years old, it has not dated at all and it had been great to hear again. If you've never heard "Darker Than A Shadow" with Terry Callier, "Spaces and Places" with Fertile Ground or "Beyond The Rains" and "Love Is Flowing To Love" featuring Billie Godfrey, you've been really missing out. There are a couple of added extras "Kaleidoscope" with Lizzie Rendall, "My Words" with the ace Hipnosis and Mac Frank, and finally the release of Drumagick's remix of "Beyond The Rains". Here's a good chance for you to catch up.

Simon Harrison, 04/07