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No Hassle / Tosca

Tosca - No Hassle


This is the fifth full-length album from the Viennese duo of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber and it marks a return to the classic Tosca sound after 2005’s more exuberant and club-friendly “J.A.C.”. As the title suggests, “No Hassle” represents an effort to create an hour of pure relaxation and musical escapism, free of the mounting pressures and hassles of everyday life. “Boring”, “yawn”, I hear you cry, “I’ve heard it all before”. Well, in a sense, you probably have, for there is nothing particularly new or earth shattering here, and these days we have ambient, chill-out music up the wazoo. But, let’s not forget that these guys really are the pioneers of modern down tempo electronic music and that they have been honing and mastering this sound together for at least 15 years. And my word have they mastered it. So skilled are they at crafting lush, slow burning, spacious grooves that you just sit back, relax and never once reach for that ‘Skip’ button. Sometimes more of the same can be a good thing, if the “same” is something wonderful.

Tom Breslin, 05/09