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Fingers and Thumbs / Unforscene

Unforscene - Fingers and Thumbs

Tru Thoughts Recordings

There must be something in the water in Bristol because they continue to bless us with great music. This time the honors belong to the trio known as Unforscene. The brothers Will and Ben Bower plus Ben Muscat deliver a disc that features downtempo soul as well as hip hop, folk and electronica. Disc one is more mellow while disc two packs a lot more funk. There are many highlights so I’ll just point out a few. “See The Light”, is a laid-back track with a funky groove and features the voice of J Todd. “Sidewinder” is a wonderful modern classical piece with lush strings that has a cinematic feel to it. “So Long" feat Nik Young is warm and melodic with nice chords to match. Unforscene manages to weave together the electronic with the live instrumentation, specifically Will Bower’s drumming and percussion work on tracks like “I’m Just A Prisoner” and “Alright”. Their ability to arrange classical sounds with funk and broken beats on this project is a joy to listen. Add to that the familiar faces like Alice Russell, Deborah Jordan and newcomers like Epcot and you have an exceptional record that shouldn’t be missed.

Reg Dancy, 07/08