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Ancient Lights / Uniting Of Opposites

Uniting Of Opposites - Ancient Lights

Tru Thoughts

Uniting of Opposites is the trio of Tim Liken, Clem Alford and Ben Hazelton. "Ancient Lights" blends electronica with classical Middle Eastern rhythms and the results are quite enjoyable. The opener "Mint" is a spirited tune that features Idris Rahman on Clarinet. Rahman's phrasings figure prominently on The title track which includes Marcina Arnold on vocals. "Dr Roach" is a drum, bass and clarinet interplay where Rahman's solos dance around drummer Eddie Hick's energetic rhythms. "Car Number 27" and "The Uniting Of Opposites" are more traditional Indian meditative compositions that feature Manjeet Singh Rasiya on Tabla and Alford on the Sitar. Overall the trio's modernistic take pays dividends and breathes new life into the rich Indian musical legacy.

Reg Dancy, 06/18