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Deepblak Presents Blaktropolis Vol.1 / Varous Artists

Varous Artists - Deepblak Presents Blaktropolis Vol.1

Deepblak Recordings

Just when I thought I had heard everything, along comes a disc out of nowhere to truly mess my head up. The music I’m referring to is Blaktropolis Vol 1 from Deepblak recordings. This compilation features futuristic soul in an array of styles from house, spiritual jazz, tribal and broken beat that will have you asking yourself, “Where did these guys come from?” Well mostly from Oakland where Deepblak is based. There are a number of contributors here that make this record a huge success. Let’s start with the opening track “Valentina”, a downtempo ethereal gem that sounds as if the African rhythms and the deep moaning voice are swirling around you and pulling you inside the music. The Aybee remix of Dozie’s “Sensuality” gives this track the total package, lush vocals combined with deep and soulful grooves. “Track II” by Trinidadian Deep is a deep house dish with gorgeous chords and soothing synths. There are other prime cuts by the likes of the Black Jazz Consortium, Mattski and Erik Rico that make “Blaktropolis” cutting edge future soul with deep grooves that you’ll find irresistible. This is not to be missed.

Reg Dancy, 10/08