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Jazz Combo / Yatha Bhuta

Yatha Bhuta - Jazz Combo

All City

Yatha Bhuta is the collaboration of French producers Arnaud “Onra” Bernard and Buddy Sativa. When you think of Orna you generally think of funky boogie tunes but he takes a departure with this celestial Afro-jazz collection and the results are quite impressive. The opener “Universe Is Love” is deep spiritual jazz where the duo performs all instruments with Onra providing a touch of Spoken word and creating beautiful rhythms on percussion. “360” is another highlight filled with sublime joyful melodies thanks in part to Sativa’s work on Flute and vibes. Aja Monet provides profound poetry on “The Time is Now” and Orna creates melodic rhythms on the Kalimba. “Jazz Combo” captures the spirit of the timeless 60’s soulful jazz compositions we can’t get enough. This is an impressive release by Yatha Bhuta that is a joy to listen throughout and certainly begs for an encore.

Reg Dancy, 05/13