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Anthology Vol. 2 / Brian Auger

Brian Auger - Anthology Vol. 2


"Anthology Vol. 2" is the second installment of remastered recordings from pianist/organist Brian Auger. Once again Auger seamlessly weaves between bebop and greasy soul jazz with enormous results. Auger puts his stamp on jazz classics such as "Love For Sale" and "All Blues", the latter featuring vocals by Julie Driscoll.  "Funky Mama" and the Art Blakey classic "Moanin" find him stretching out on the hammond B3. There's also a number of tunes recorded by Auger's seventies band the Oblivion Express. "Happiness Is Just Around The Bend" is one and "Straight Ahead" is another. The latter is a touch of fusion highlighted by funky wah wah guitar rhythms and Auger on keyboards. "Black Octopus", never before released features  the Herbie Hancock 70s fusion band The Headhunters is another delight as well. There's much to enjoy here so pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy fifty years of brilliance from Mr Auger.


Reg Dancy, 01/17

Back To The Beginning / Brian Auger

Brian Auger - Back To The Beginning


Brian Auger, initially earned acclaim as an emerging jazz pianist on the London scene in 1963. However once he heard organist Jimmy Smith his focus would turn towards the hammond B3. He has since solidified himself as one of the premiere organ players of the past four decades. "Back To The Beginning" showcases his early recordings where he seamlessly blended jazz with rock and soul. Auger's genre bending arrangements would influence dozens of musicians and DJs and along the way set the stage for what we know today as jazz fusion. The two disc set kicks off with "Blues Three Four" a modal jazz tune in a trio setting, one of Auger's early recordings in the piano chair. "Save Me", is an energetic funk and soul tune that features the powerful vocals of Julie Driscoll. "Whenever You're Ready and "Somebody Help Me" are psychedelic jazz funk floor burners. "Butterfly" is a solid cover of the Herbie Hancock hit, one of Auger's many admirers. This is a must have re-issue, and a great introduction to a remarkable career.


Reg Dancy, 12/15

Th3rd / Brisa

Brisa - Th3rd

Bastard Jazz

Fukuoka, Japan based DJ/Producer Brisa has delighted us with an array of soulful house, drum n bass and other infectious grooves since his début lp "Elevation Perception in 2008. During that time he has become one of the première DJ/Producers on the scene today. On his latest full length release "Th3rd" he eschews his signature house arrangements for an assortment of electronic excursions encompassing various tempos. The opening track "Cloudnine" is a mid-tempo tune with warm melodic synths and vocals. "New Way" is a bombastic heater laced with restless drums and bass that we've come to expect from him. "DLMD" is another standout up-tempo track that sparkles with soulful rhodes wizardry and funky percussion. Brisa could've taken the safe route and released another "Wide Awake" lp. Instead he demonstrates his versatility as well as delivering another quality recording.


Reg Dancy, 01/20

Subject 2 Status / Broke'n'English

Broke'n'English - Subject 2 Status

Fat City Recordings

Let's get the gripes out of the way. Firstly, there are too many skits and interludes on this album for my tastes. Secondly, there are a couple of insipid, ballad-like tracks that let the side down. Right, now to the positives. Most of Subject 2 Status is actually very good, and it's hard to imagine most UK emcees being able to match the skill and flow of Manchester's Broke 'n' English, a.k.a. Strategy and DRS, when they're at their best. The high points, here, come on the tougher, up-tempo tracks, where they get a chance to display a rugged, but not aggressive, style that exudes energy and works to great effect. Case in point being 'Take It Low', a dynamite marriage of soulful chords, broken beats and smooth rhymes that deserves much success.


Tom Breslin, 04/07

Better Luck Next Time / Broken

Broken - Better Luck Next Time

Mind Records

What strikes you first about “Better Luck Next Time” is the attention to detail in the press release and packaging; this is top quality. Doctor L has been a very busy man over the years working with the likes of Tony Allen, James Blood Ulmer and Nicolas Baby (Kaktus Hunters). This time he teams up with French vocalist Dom Farkas under his new Broken alias. Mixing up the deepest house grooves with soul, jazz and, yes, rock, is a bit of a shock at first but just like when you first heard Mos Def’s “Rock N Roll” it works a treat. Keep your eyes peeled for the 12” with four more tasty tunes.


Simon Harrison, 12/05

One Sweet Life / Brotherly

Brotherly - One Sweet Life

Music At Monumental

After breaking onto the scene in 2005 with 'Put It Out' featuring Eska and following up with the excellent 'Searching' last year the duo of Rob Mullarkey and Anna Stubbs now come with their debut long player. As with the singles, both of which are included here, the album is a broken-soul affair and features guests Ty on the title track and Earl Zinger who graces 'Elevate' with his distinctive spoken word delivery. Although there's nothing here to quite top 'Searching' the set has some strong moments such as 'True', 'A Little Trouble', the funky 'DTs', and the blissful 'Raindown'. Well worth investigating.


Andy Allen, 05/07

Soul Satisfied / Brown's Bag

Brown's Bag - Soul Satisfied


Brown's Bag aka Ward Brown, follows up his 2005 debut 'Labor Of Love' with 'Soul Satisfied', a collection of contemporary soul/R&B with strong seventies sensibilities. Whilst the production is a little smooth for my current tastes there's no denying the quality of Brown's vocals which particularly shine on the mellow groover 'You're Contagious' and the funky 'Me Around'. The real standouts for me though are catchy up-tempo Diskonauts Remix 'No More Lies' and the Markydisco Jazzy Remix of 'Things You Say', a slick stepper, both by Marc Mitchell (the original versions of which appear on 'Labor Of Love'). Both are destined to blow up big time on the modern soul scene over the coming months.


Andy Allen, 01/07

Homenaje / Brownout

Brownout - Homenaje

Freestyle Records

'Homenaje' is the debut album from the Austin, Texas based eight piece band Brownout. Their sound is most definitely rooted in funk but with plenty of Latin and Afro-beat influences thrown in for good measure. The majority of the tracks here are aimed directly at the dance-floor but my personal favourites are the mellower cuts particularly the string laced psychedelic soul of 'Brown Wind And Fire'.


Andy Allen, 02/08

We Made This Vol.1 / Brownswood &amp; FYE Presents

Brownswood &amp; FYE Presents - We Made This Vol.1


Hard to imagine that for a short period that this compilation was actually available for free. This was made possible by the contributors to the Brownswood message board forum. While it’s now available at a very modest price, it’s a worthwhile purchase for there is much to savor here. For starters there’s the funky synth laden “Dancing On Ice” by Mr Beatnick. “Alethia” is a warm atmospheric up-tempo pleaser by Surra. In addition, there are a number of burnin’ house tracks here, most notably “I have seen” by Red Rackem and “Roma” by K Schrieber. Arguably the best track here would have to be “Say Something” by Scrimshire feat Inga Lill Aker, a soothing mid-tempo nu-jazz tune armed with cool rhodes playing and the beautiful voice of Inga. The disc mellows out with the melodic “Wonky” by bassist Rich Brown who knows how to lay down a groove. This is a solid compilation that has a little something for everyone and is certainly worth checking out.


Reg Dancy, 10/10

Pressure Valve / Bryan Corbett

Bryan Corbett - Pressure Valve

Woodland Records

Those in the know may have checked out Corbett’s “Corbenova” album that was released in 2003 but I have to admit he was unknown to me until Woodland released the excellent three track EP at the end of 2004. All three tracks from the EP are featured here and still sound as good as ever. The rest of the album is a real mix of Nu-Jazz, where Corbett plays flugelhorn and trumpet, over some beautiful breaks and beats. Not only that but also featured are the lovely vocals of Lizzy Parks, a name you really need to watch out for in 2006.


Simon Harrison, 12/05

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