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Ambrosia / Byron The Aquarius

Byron The Aquarius - Ambrosia

Axis Records

Fans of Byron The Aquarius might be a bit surprised when they set their ears to his latest release. While "Ambrosia" has elements of house it's also bursting with jazz fusion as well. The disc kicks off with "New Beginnings". Brazilian native Chocolat's percolating bass gives the track a little Latin flavor while Rasheeda Ali's tasty flute adds a heavenly melody. Trumpeter Dashill Smith's graces the aptly titled "Space & Time". In addition to the five original compositions there are some notable remixes on tap. Produced by Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills who matches Byron's mastery of infectious grooves with an array of talented musicians. "Ambrosia" is evidence that Byron is more than just an esteemed DJ/house producer.


Reg Dancy, 11/20

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