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The Dusty Foot on the Road / K'naan

K'naan - The Dusty Foot on the Road

Wrasse Records

Somali rapper K'Naan's debut album has never been officially released here, so it's good to see this live set getting released, recorded on his recent World tour. K'Naan grew up in Mogadishu where he fired his first gun aged 8 and saw many of the horrors of the civil war there before thankfully escaping when he was 13, to America. His lyrics address the realities of life in Somalia in a thought provoking way, this is hip hop on the sensitive side, indeed hip-hop itself comes under close scrutiny. Rap and Somali melodies with those intelligent lyrics make for an original and compelling package. A star, no mistake.


Graham Radley, 08/07

It's A World Before You / Kaidi Tatham

Kaidi Tatham - It's A World Before You

First Word

One of the pioneers of the West London broken beat scene, Kaidi Tatham continues to push his music forward with a sparkling new lp. "It's A World Before You" is filled with breathless up-tempo broken beat and nu soul grooves filled with optimistic vibes. The opener "Joyous" is simply that, an uplifting banger laced with jolting keys and bass. "Out Here On My Own" is mid-tempo soul featuring label mates Children Of Zeus. The title track is another up-tempo heater. It's also the only one where he shares instrumental duties in which he's joined by kindred spirit and broken beat stalwart Dego. Together their keyboard arrangements along with Tatham's drum programming shine through. Mixed by producer extraodianaire Eric Lau who knows how master a recording with the best of them. It adds up to a superb recording that will stay on repeat this summer.


Reg Dancy, 07/18

Everything We Hold / Kairos 4Tet

Kairos 4Tet - Everything We Hold

Naim Jazz

“Everything We Hold” is the third release from Kairos 4Tet and their first for Naim Jazz. Saxophonist Adam Waldmann demonstrates that he’s a gifted composer with a keen ear for melody. The quartet’s cohesion mirrors a veteran band that is focused more on strong lyrical and imaginative compositions as opposed to wasted soloing. This is quite evident on selections like the tender “Narrowboat Man” filled with classical elements and augmented by the voices of Emila Martensson and Marc O’Reilly. “Song for the Open Road” is a haunting folk flavored tune that demonstrates that Soul singer Omar seemingly fits in just about any kind of setting and flourishes. These vocal compositions are surrounded by the “99 Suite”. Inspired by injustices and the need for social change, the suite is divided into four parts in which there are melodic excursions led by pianist Ivo Neame while drummer Jon Scott creates just enough space for others to explore. You won’t find many releases this year that are filled with creative and emotive compositions filled with heartfelt lyrics. Waldmann pulls this off and delivers one of the strongest Jazz releases of the year.  


Reg Dancy, 06/13

Until We Felt Red / Kaki King

Kaki King - Until We Felt Red

Velour Recordings

An amazing guitarist who Dave Grohl has rightly been championing, her voice is lighter and by nature takes the tracks in a different direction but there’s a diversity going on that’s refreshing and honest.  Also includes full length CD of her debut ‘Everybody Loves You’.


Graham Radley, 02/08

Image unavailable

Kalyanji : Ananji - The Bollywood Brothers

Saregama Records

You’ll likely recognise samples from the brothers 60’s and 70’s Hindi soundtracks and cult exploitation movies with Black Eyed Peas (CD One kicks off with Asha Bosle with Aye Naujawan Sab Kuchh Yahan’ which formed the basis for ‘Don’t Phunk With My Heart’) and Danger Mouse two of the more ‘high profile users.  This is music of it’s time but also way beyond its time, creatively mixing new instrumentation of the time like the claviolin to create a mix of funky, jazzed up psychedelia.  Great collection.


Graham Radley, 06/08

Heaven and Earth / Kamasi Washington

Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth

Young Turks

With "Heaven and Earth" Kamasi Washington picks up where "The Epic" left off. Like "The Epic" this is a triple lp filled with orchestral arrangements, a angelic choir and an array of talented musicians from his hometown of Los Angeles. The title reflects Kamasi's view into the world and it's potential vs it's struggle. "Fists of Fury" is transformed from a Bruce Lee soundtrack to an anthem for justice that features Dwight Trible among others on vocals. "Hub Tones" is a blistering cover of a Freddie Hubbard original that features Chris Gray on trumpet. There's plenty of notable Kamasi compositions as well. "Vi Lua Vi Sol" is a soft melodic tune that features Branden Coleman on keys and the vocoder. Trombonist Ryan Porter applies warm solos as well. "One Of One" is another fiery tune that brings it all together. A climatic arrangement supported by the choir, a strong rhythm section and blistering horns from Washington and Gray. Simply another superb release from a rising star who shows no signs of slowing down


Reg Dancy, 08/18

The Epic  / Kamasi Washington

Kamasi Washington - The Epic


The aptly titled "The Epic" is the debut from thirty four year old tenor Saxophonist Kamasi Washington. Kamasi has been part of the burgeoning Los Angeles  jazz scene for a number of years and has finally taken a break from performing to compose a stunning body of work. The triple lp is rooted in Jazz while fusing rnb and funk. He's also complimented by a large orchestral ensemble and his working band The West Coast Get Down. There's much to savor here starting with "Change Of The Guard", an explosive tune highlighted by Kamasi's spirited soloing and the melodic phrasings from the 20 piece choir. "Final Thought" kicks off with a smoothing gospel tinged organ riff before shifting into an explosive spiritual tune. Fellow LA residents Dwight Trible lends his spirited vocal phrasings to "Malcolm's Theme" and Thundercat lays down some stimulating bass licks on "The Message". Overall "The Epic" is a triumph filled with nearly three hours of spiritual inspiring compositions and superb performances. This is a great introduction to the talented Saxophonist and to a record that is easily one of the best of the year.


Reg Dancy, 07/15

Soukous Time / Kanda Bongo Man

Kanda Bongo Man - Soukous Time


Sometimes you forget how uplifting soukous is but just a few seconds of those twinkling guitar ripples soon brings a smile and the need to dance. Over the years KBM has brought in a few other subtle and related influences like zouk but it’s when he hits the groove of ‘Amani’ that troubles can take a back seat and the musical sun shines. Very good.


Graham Radley, 08/08

Sahara Swing / Karl Hector & The Malcouns

Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Sahara Swing

Now-Again Records

Karl Hector and The Malcouns are a ten piece group making their Stones Throw records debut. Karl teams up with Jay Whitefield, who has worked with respected funk groups like the Poets Of Rhythm and The Whitefield Brothers. Together they fuse a unique blend of hard driving funk and afrobeat rhythms. If the JB’s and Fela Kuti had ever been in a studio together, the results would be similar to what we have here. The track “Nyx” is full of syncopated funk, a thumping bass and lively rhythm guitars. “Koloko Pt. 1” offers more of the same only the horn section makes their presence felt here. “Mystical Brotherhood” is a downtempo gem with a funky rhythm guitar and searing organ riffs. There’s very little vocals sung here but that doesn’t matter, the Malcouns keep you locked in with an assortment of funky polyrhythmic gems that will keep your head nodding non-stop. This is Karl’s first known record in about twelve years, let’s hope that he plans to perform much more often this time around.


Reg Dancy, 07/08

La Busqueda / Karmasound

Karmasound - La Busqueda

Phuture Shock Muzik

Barcelona based producer and multi-instrumentalist Damian Botigue aka Karmasound has demonstrated a flair for fusing various styles with infectious grooves. Starting with his 2018 EP "Probabilidades" was a mashup of Latin vibes spread across broken beat and funk rhythms. Now with his full length début "La Busqueda" he takes the energy up another level. Botigue turns up the tempo with "Dando Vueltas", a splash of piano melodies and synths layered over blistering conga rhythms. "Instantes" is another vibrant piano driven tune complemented by spirited percussion tailor made to fill a dance floor. "Se va" is a mellow tune that allows you to catch your breath but is equally satisfying. With a foundation of early Latin Jazz fused with the forward thinking sounds of today, Karmasound's full length début is invigorating and a flat out winner.


Reg Dancy, 02/20

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