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Just Say / Kylie Auldist

Kylie Auldist - Just Say

Tru Thoughts Recordings

Australian born Kylie Auldist first came to my attention from appearing with the Bamboos on their previous release "Rawville". When performing with the Bamboos,  Kylie is clearly part of an ensemble but with her debut CD "Just Say"  she stands out on her own. "Just Say" is a wonderful disc that embraces the formula that reaches back to the golden era of 60's soul music. "Still Into You" is a nice track with a mean groove that features some funky horn play, courtesy of the Bamboos. "Community Service Announcement" is a great record that feels like one of those summertime songs you grooved to in the park with your girlfriend by your side. Kylie shifts gears on "Pretty Things" and creates a nice mid tempo acoustic gem that displays her powerful voice. Kylie succeeds in creating songs that are rich in melodies and despite the old school feel, sounds fresh and current. At just under 50 minutes, it has just the right amount of songs to keep you engaged from start to finish. Kylie is part of the new generation of artists making uncut quality soul music. A real gem.


Reg Dancy, 05/08

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