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Our Kingdom / Rime

Rime - Our Kingdom

Infracom Records

Fresh from the Nordic country is Finnish producer Antti Hynninen amd singer Sara Sayed, better known as Rime. Their debut “Our Kingdom” is a delicious slice of electronic soul filled with soothing vocals, mellow mid-tempo grooves and uplifting lyrics. Hynninen blesses each track with layers of warm melodic keyboards while Sara’s soft feathery touch makes for a perfect combination. There are plenty of highlights to savor here like the wonderful “Smoke And Regret”, filled with soft synth grooves to complement Sara’s sweet vocal phrasings. “Loose Ends” is no less enjoyable, beginning with a wave of gorgeous rhodes and lush strings that provide the canvas for Sara’s soft seductive voice.  “Breal You” is another winner that incorporates the similar ingredients, armed with a slightly up-tempo groove. Overall this is a strong showcase of warm melodic electronic soul music that is consistent throughout. Their concept is simple yet the results shine as bright as a warm summer afternoon. Make no mistake though, this is a quality record for all seasons to savor and enjoy.


Reg Dancy, 04/11

Locutions / Rinse The Algorithm

Rinse The Algorithm - Locutions


Rinse The Algorithm is a seven member unit lead by bassist Rich Brown. Rich has built a reputation as one of the most in-demand electric bassists on the scene today, especially in his hometown of Toronto. “Locutions” is an eleven track debut that is equal parts contemporary jazz, funk and fusion wrapped together to provide a harmonic soulful experience. There are some sparkling moments when each member pushes one another and in the process create some stimulating music. Let’s start with the opening track “Urban Nocturnal”, a mellow quiet storm type track that is a solid introduction to the group’s work. Things get interesting on “Constellation 149”, a contemporary jazz tune that starts with a simmer at the onset but starts to burn after that. Pianist Robi Botos displays impressive chops but plays with grace and passion. “Black Nimbus” is a slow funky number with Rich out front laying down bass lines that would make Stanley Clarke proud. Luis Deniz matches Rich with some inspired playing on alto sax. “Soothe The Machinery” is a fusion flavored track that sizzles thanks in part to the beautiful voice of Yvette Tollar. Overall “Locutions” is a delightful listen and serves as a coming out party not only for Rich Brown but the talented musicians he has surrounded himself with. His ability as a bass player and a composer should form the foundation for a bright future and the recognition he truly deserves.


Reg Dancy, 10/08

Sambarama / Riovolt

Riovolt - Sambarama

Irma Records

Here's another beautifully packed CD. Attention to detail makes all the difference and you even get a free CD-R in there as well. Riovolt is a real mixed bag of Funk, Jazz, Drum & Bass, Samba and Electronica. The killer track for me, and the reason you need to buy this album, is 'Starjive', a brilliant Brazilian flavour jazz funk bomb brought up to date for 2005 and not a million miles away from Azymuth. Norbert Küpper, the producer and composer behind Riovolt, grew up with Soul, Fusion and Funk, and these influences shine throughout 'Sambarama'. Vocals are provided by Zuco 103's Lilian Vieira and Ju Cassou, which completes the package perfectly.


Simon Harrison, 12/05

Messages / Rise

Rise - Messages

Futuristica Music

We have yet another superb recording from the Futuristica label, this time from the producer from Manchester known as Rise. His full length debut is an odyssey of spiritual jazz samplings inspired by pioneers like Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders. Rise masterfully captures the spirit of the late sixties Black Nationalist jazz movement and many of references throughout the disc are totally relevant today.  The disc kicks off with a monologue that about the responsibilities as musicians to “Shine A Light” into the darkness. This message is delivered over a melodic piano and flute solo. “Psalm 64” is easily one of highlights of the disc, which is really saying something. It opens with a monologue about being a positive force in the world and segues into an afro-centric jazz gem filled with blistering horns, lively percussion and piano rhythms.  “Requiem” begins with a profound view of the uprising around the world from forty plus years ago and how similar incidents are taking place today. The tune itself evokes harmonies reminiscent of Donald Byrd’s trumpet playing and the Mizell Brothers song arrangement. “Shine Down” is another winner that’s filled with infectious melodies and rhythms and worthy of repeated listens. Rise is a producer you’re certain to hear a lot more from and “Messages” is an album you don’t want to miss.


Reg Dancy, 05/11

Tanzwa Nekutambura / Rise and Doug

Rise and Doug - Tanzwa Nekutambura

Wrasse Records

An unlikely pairing as such but Champion Doug was the person who first discovered the Bhundo Boys (of whom Rise was a founding member) and invited them to the UK. You'll soon recognise the zinging fluidity of Rise's guitar as we get a timely reminder of his skill as a guitarist while Champion Doug's influence means the mixture is further flavoured by country and some blues. Worth a listen.


Graham Radley, 05/07

Afro Odyssey / Robb Scott

Robb Scott - Afro Odyssey

Sunshine Enterprises

Although Robb Scott has been performing on the live circuit for years now, 'Afro Odyssey' is his first long player. He seamlessly blends cosmic-soul with Afrocentric-jazz and subtle broken-beat to create an album that is contemporary yet classic sounding at the same time. Consistently strong throughout, it's difficult to select particular favourites but at a push I'd go for the single 'Fallin' and 'Reflections', featuring the legendary Ellen McIlwaine.


Andy Allen, 12/06

Double Booked / Robert Glasper

Robert Glasper - Double Booked

Blue Note Records

It’s not uncommon for artists to explore various musical styles on separate projects but on “Double-Booked”, Robert Glasper brings two worlds together on one very impressive record. Glasper’s fourth release starts out in the traditional jazz trio setting and begins with “No Worries”. Robert starts this wonderful tune off with a entertaining intro before sequeing into a gorgeous melody. Drummer Chris Dave creates plenty of space and Vicente Archer always provides the right notes for Glasper’s glorious soundscapes. “59 South” is another lovely composition where Robert strikes the right balance between sheer power and delicacy. Things get a little funky as we segue to the experimental set. Robert starts things off with Herbie Hancock’s multi-rhythmic fusion gem “Butterfly”, which also features Casey Benjamin on the vocorder. Casey shines again on alto sax on the spirited aptly named “festival”. “All Matter” is a beautiful ballad that is augmented by the vocals of Bilal. There aren’t many discs out that can capture the essence of beauty on one hand and deliver the funk flavored deep grooves on another but this one does. This is one fabulous record that you shouldn’t miss.


Reg Dancy, 03/10

Black Radio  / Robert Glasper Experiment

Robert Glasper Experiment - Black Radio

Blue Note

Back in 2007, The Robert Glasper trio dropped subtle hints that this album was coming. It was the track “J Dillalude” from “In My Element” where he succeeded where many have failed; seamlessly merging Jazz and Hip-Hop. He came one step closer on “Double Booked” where the Experiment Band went half jazz and experimental grooves rooted in soul and Hip-Hop. Now on “Black Radio” the band takes the kid gloves off and delivers an album that pushes the boundaries across genres and will appear on many playlist throughout the year. It doesn’t hurt when you have an all-star lineup that features Erykah Badu, Yasin Bey (aka Mos Def), Bilal and many more. Among the highlights are Lalah Hathaway’s sultry vocals on Sade’s “Cherish The Day”. The trio King adds their heavenly vocals to the uplifting “More Love”. As for the instrumentals, well there aren’t any but one of the great ingredients of this record is the musicianship of the Experiment band radiates through all the compositions. Take for instance Ledisi’s version of “FTB” (Gonna Be Alright) is supported by the wondrous melodies painted by Glasper and the grooves thrown down by bassist Derrick Hodge will keep you in constant head nod mode. So if you were looking for a jazz record you might be disappointed. Instead what you have here is the template for 21st century soul music. This is a superb record in which soul and hip-hop collide with jazz as the glue that holds everything together. The result is an early candidate for album of the year.


Reg Dancy, 04/12

Trust / Robert Mitchell's Panacea

Robert Mitchell's Panacea - Trust


Here is the next instalment from the ever consistent F-IRE collective and this time it’s turn of pianist Robert Mitchell who’s been on the British jazz scene for ten years. His influences include Cecil Taylor and McCoy Tyner, which shines throughout the album. What struck me on first listen was the shear quality of vocalists involved, which include Deborah Jordan, Eska, TY, Robin Mullarkey, Eugene Skeef and legend Norma Winston. When was the last time you saw such a line up? “Trust” includes poetry, wonderful lyrics and just about every style of music known to man, making me wonder what would be next. It took me a little while to get my head around a few of the tracks but for me that makes a more interesting album and keeps me going back again and again


Simon Harrison, 10/05

Night-time Stories / Robert Owens

Robert Owens - Night-time Stories

Compost Records

Since the early days of house music Robert Owens has been an ever present force and his distinctive vocals have graced some of the genre's most defining moments. His latest full length project is packed with deep house delights and features quality productions from the likes of Jimpster "Inside My World", Simbad "New World", Wahoo "Happy" and Atjazz "Now I Know". Quite simply, house music doesn't get any better than this!


Andy Allen, 02/08

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