Jonny Tobin – Together

Vancouver native and keyboardist Jonny Tobin’s fourth release was inspired to lift the spirits and soothe the souls of folks suffering from the devastating year that was 2020. “Together”. a joyous collection of tunes goes a long way to doing just that. “Neon Afterglow” a funky up-tempo tune displays some his synth wizardry. “Always” is a dreamy laidback tune well suited for lazy afternoons. “Super Genesis 64” is fast paced funk that kicks off a flurry of piano riffs. “Vivid Dreams” is an atmospheric gem filled with glorious vocal harmonies. Tobin’s compositions are vibrant, imaginative and separates him from other beat makers. You can feel the good vibes flowing throughout his beats. A superb recording filled with optimism and worthy of repeated listens.