15th August 2022

The Basic Soul Show
The Basic Soul Show
15th August 2022

NTEIBINT – True [Eskimo Recordings]
Kid Fonque X Jonny Miller feat. ASAP Shembe – Owahku (Bruk Rogers & Onj Remix) [Stay True Sounds]
SofaTalk & XL Regular – AfroQuarters [Outplay]
WheelUP & Sam Interface – Copacetic [Tru Thoughts Recordings]
Tommy Rawson – Vic’s Music Box [Boogie Cafe]
Big Daddy Kane – Rap Summary (Lean On Me) [WEA]
Redhead Kingpin & The FBI – We Rock The Mic Right [Ten Records]
Eric B & Rakim – Eric B. Is President [4th & Broadway]
Main Source – Snake Eyes [Wild Pitch Records/Mr Bongo Records]
Daylight Robbery! – Ersa [Melting Pot Music]
Karya – Heart Knows [Inner Tribe records]
Joyce with Mauricio Maestro – Descompassadamente [Far Out Recordings]
Nu Genea – Tienaté [NG]
The Alma Negra Live Band – Mombasa To Lagos
Madalitso Band – Mwandikumbutsa [Bongo Joe Records]
Fernando Falcao – Curimāo (Acid Mondays Temple Edit)
Recloose feat. Joe Dukie – Dust [Peacefrog Records]
Inkswel feat. Eliza Dickson & Pugz Atoms – Why Don’t You Listen (Fred Everything Remix) [Atjazz Record Company]
Luke Vibert – Surrounded By Neighbours [Hypercolour]
Michele Hendricks ‎– Lover Man [Muse]
Batavia Collective – Propulsion [R&S Records]
David Wertman & Sun Ensemble – Forest Dance [BBE Music]
Tony Lavorgna & The St. Thomas Quartet – Chameleon [Jazz Room Records]

Daniel Villarreal – Panama 77 [International Anthem]

“Panama 77” is the debut of Panamanian born and Chicago based drummer Daniel Villarreal. The twelve track disc is layered with psychedelic Latin rhythms aligned with jazz fusion and folkloric sensibilities. Villarreal has been a fixture in the Chicago music scene, recently as a member of the group Dos Santos. The disc kicks off with “Bella Vista” where Villarreal demonstrates a keen sense of polyrhythms. Villarreal’s spirited percussion creates an enchanting groove for Elliot Bergman’s howling baritone. “In/On features labelmate guitarist Jeff Parker. Villarreal’s hypnotic percussion simmers over a samba beat alongside organist Dave Vettraino. With Parker’s glorious electric guitar rhythms layered on top you have an irresistible groove worthy of repeated listens. “Parque En Seis” opens with Villareal on congas and cow bells, paving the way for Bardo Martinez’s bass guitar grooves and synths. Chicago based International Anthem is known for their roster of genre bending jazz artists. Villarreal’s debut is left of center brilliance that stacks up well with their catalog.


8th August 2022

The Basic Soul Show
The Basic Soul Show
8th August 2022
Nala Sinephro – Space 4 [Warp Records]
Chico Freeman ‎– Illas [India Navigation]
Sefi Zisling – Welcome Sunset [Tru Thoughts Recordings]
Daniel Villarreal – 18th & Morgan [International Anthem]
Brunno – Bossa [Notes On A Journey]
Joyce – Moreno [EMI]
Wanda Sá – Adriana [Vampi Soul]
Toró Instrumental – Dunas [Musica Macondo]
Bridge – No Where Love Affair [High Jazz Records]
Dave & Omar – Starlight [Z Records]
Panna Cotta – Sweet [Lumberjacks In Hell]
Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That (Bent Remix) [Mint Source Recordings]
Richie Weeks – Find That Disco Rhythm (Version 2) [Past Due Records]
Lehto & Tristan De Liege – Ahead Of Us [Bathurst]
Mark de Clive-Lowe – Orbits [Mashibeats]
Nikitch & Kuna Maze – Bus de Nuit [Tru Thoughts Recordings]
John Beltran – A Dança Da Manhã [Oath]
Osunlade – Black Woman Cry [Yoruba Records]
Joseph Junior & MAQman – Let It Go [Makin’ Moves]
Eddy Ramich & Roman Rauch feat. Pete Josef – Dayglow (Shuya Okino Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv]
B-ahwe – Circles (Tommy Villiers Remix) [Bridge The Gap]
SBTRKT – Miss The Days [Save Yourself]
Suv ‎– Do You Remember Me? [Full Cycle Records]

VA – Luke Una Presents E Soul Cultura [Mr Bongo Records]

Brighton based independent label Mr Bongo records has been an essential home for global tunes and compilations from South London to West Africa and beyond for over thirty years. “Luke Una Presents E Soul Cultura” is one of their latest to hit the shelves. DJ Luke Una, ogirinally from Sheffield moved to Manchester and has become a sought after DJ whose musical taste covers a myriad of styles. The fifteen track compilation showcases Una’s musical palette with hard to find treats as well as familiar crowd pleasers. “Space Queen” from King Erisson is an Afro Carribean mid-tempo gem from the consumate percussionist. “Robot Man” displays a funkier side to the Legendary reedist Yusef Lateef. “La Cyclope” is intoxicating jazz fusion from Swiss drummer Daniel Humair, bassist Henri Texier and Saxophonist Francois Jeanneau. Jeanneau unleashes a flurry of glorious melodies on soprano while Humair and Texier create an infectious groove on this incredibly hard to find heater. There’s plenty here that will draw a smile and inject instant toe tapping due to the familiarity. The others you may not recognize but you’ll enjoy them nonetheless.


1st August 2022

The Basic Soul Show
The Basic Soul Show
1st August 2022
Mr Bird feat. John Skweird – Better Place [Tangential Music]
Inkswel & Colonel Red – Make Me Crazy [Compost Records]
Stac – Balls Bounce (Bonobo Remix) [Wah Wah 45s]
Sun Ra Arkestra – Somebody Else’s Idea [Omni Sound]
Sam Sanders – Inner City Player [BBE Music]
McCoy Tyner Sextet – Manalyuca [Heavenly Sweetness]
The Cookers Quintet – Summit [Do Right! Music]
Esa Pethman – Like Steel [We Jazz Records]
Ozan Tekin – Life Blooms In Concrete [Gulbaba Records]
Beringei feat. Kristian Hamilton – Adore Ya [WotNot Music]
Kaidi Tatham feat. Robert Mitchell – Sooretama [First Word Records]
JK Group – Find Joy [La Sape Records]
Freeez – Alone [Far Out Recordings]
Michael Boothman – Waiting For Your Love [Invisible City Editions]
Renegades Of Jazz feat. Laura Vane & Diesler – Just Stirred [Bathurst]
Divorce From New York feat. Bliaze – Paralelo66 [High Praise]
GoodMood – Spring Always Comes [Energy Exchange Records]
Dego and Kaidi – Ankle Injury [Eglo Records]
Javonntte – Take Me As I Am (SMBD Co-Op Mix) [Last Forever Records]
Roy Ananda feat. Pete Simpson – The Only Thing That Make Sense (Is You) (Opolopo Remix) [Goodnws]
Kid Fonque X Jonny Miller feat. Sio – Heartbeat (SMBD 3am Pulse Mix) [Stay True Sounds]
KC Flight – Planet E (Acid Drop Mix) [RCA]

Brandon Coleman – Interstellar Black Space [Brainfeeder]

“Interstellar Black Space”, the sophomore lp from Brandon Coleman picks up where “Resistance” left off. Which means there’s an array of engaging synth funk tunes and jazz infused compositions. “On The One” is a slice of Minneapolis funk aligned with wicked synths and a thumpin’ bass groove. Coleman is joined by close friend and label-mate Kamasi Washington on “We Change Part 1”. Coleman’s use of the vocoder soars over the dreamy spacey funk groove. “We Change Part 2” leans toward straight ahead jazz and features trumpeter Keyon Harrold, Bassist Ben Williams and drummer Marcus Gilmore. “Runnin” is also a highlight. It’s an infectious flurry of spacey melodies where Coleman flexes his chops on electric and acoustic piano. Coleman’s use of the vocoder on a number of ballads would make Herbie Hancock blush. It’s evident that’s one of his influences along with George Duke and other masters of the funk. Make no mistake, Coleman is forming his own sound. He displays a gentle touch on the keys and a vivid astral imagination that will perk your ears up. There’s no sophomore slump here, just an enjoyable record.


25th April 2022

The Basic Soul Show
The Basic Soul Show
25th April 2022

Toco feat. Rosalia De Souza – Bom Motivo [Schema Records]
Wanda Sá – E Vem o Sol [Vampi Soul]
Nu Genea – Gelbi [NG]
John Beltran presents Sol Set – O Amor Está No Ar [All Good Music Label]
Batavia Collective – Propulsion [R&S Records]
Mark de Clive-Lowe – Ore-Se-Rere [Soul Bank Music]
Alpacas Collective – Seven Wisdoms Of Plutonia
Clear Path Ensemble – Solar Eclipse [Soundway Records]
Abunai – Sixteen Hours [Tartelet Records]
Rudi Creswick feat. Emmavie – Sometimes [Sekito]
Daylight Robbery! – Moons Of Jupiter [Melting Pot Music]
Michael Henderson – Let Love Enter [Buddah]
Harvey Sutherland – Time On My Side [House Anxiety]
Nu Genea – Marechià [NG]
Groove Armada – We’re Free (Ashley Beedle’s ‘North Street West’ Vocal Mix) [BMG]
Ronnie Herel feat. Omar – A Night We Dream Of (Afro Soul Mix) [Quantize Recordings]
Crackazat – Demucha [Heist Recordings]
Kid Fonque X Jonny Miller feat. ASAP Shembe – Owahku (Bruk Rogers & Onj Remix) [Stay True Sounds]
John Briggs – The Sun, The Water, The Child [Atjazz Record Company]
Mr Keaz – Rat Dub [Southside Recordings]
Slimy Ape – Orsyth
PFM – Living Without You
Melonyx – Energy (Zero T Instrumental Remix) [Tru Thoughts Recordings]
Subjective – Reflection [Three Six Zero Recordings]
LTJ Bukem ‎– Music (Happy Raw) [Good Looking Records]

Jasmine Myra – Horizons [Gondwana Records]

When it comes to Gondwana records you can expect supreme spiritual jazz recordings. Leeds based Saxophonist Jasmine Myra is the latest artist to emerge on the label with a sublime recording worthy of your attention. Myra’s debut “Horizons” was written during the lockdown and unintentionally became a therapeutic composition to pull her through trying times. The eight track disc moves along with a simmering down-tempo pace. For starters the title track finds Myra’s horn aligned with warm hypnotic strings. “Morningside” is another blissful tune where Myra generates sweet melodies on the soprano as well as engaging harmonies on the piano. Produced by Matthew Halsall who serves as a guiding light throughout the recording. Myra demonstrates that she’s an adept reedist and a capable pianist as well. Her tender compositions provide a glimpse of a promising future.


18th July 2022

The Basic Soul Show
The Basic Soul Show
18th July 2022

Black Renaissance – Black Renaissance [Luv N’ Haight]
TCQ – Undisputed [Do Right! Music]
Chip Wickham – The Hit [Gondwana Records]
Kibrom Birhane – Weleta [Flying Carpet Records]
Tutu Amuse – Gaia [Sonar Kollektiv]
Searchlight feat. KSR – Journey [Fallen Tree 1Hundred]
Matters Unknown feat. Nick Richards – Hewester [New Soil]
Karya – Kobe [Inner Tribe records]
Pan Amsterdam – Rigaton [Def Pressé]
Main Source – Looking At The Front Door [Wild Pitch Records/Mr Bongo Records]
The Roots – Wild Cowboys Who Shot Ya? (Sadat X Versus Roots) (Live) [White]
Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon feat. Queen Ayesha – Doniyan [Wah Wah 45s]
Marcos Valle – Girassol [Mr Bongo Records]
John Beltran presents Sol Set – Lets Get Away [All Good Music Label]
Lehto & Tristan De Liege – Ahead Of Us [Bathurst]
Rosie From The Block – Same Road Back Home [Phuture Shock Musik]
Richie Weeks – How Many Times (Version 4) [Past Due Records]
Z Axis – CVOFB [LiBL]
Ron Trent feat. Alex Malheiros – Melt Into You [Night Time Stories Ltd]
Atmos Blaq – El Maestro (Atmospheric Mix) [Stay True Sounds]
Chizawa Q – Aisa 4 [R&S Records]

Brian Jackson – This Is Brian Jackson [BBE Music]

“This Is Brian Jackson” the debut from the legendary Brian Jackson. Jackson was one half of the ground breaking Gil Scott Heron/Brian Jackson duo that delivered a steady stream of acclaimed recordings throughout the seventies. Their catalog not only stands the test of time but Jackson proves he still has much to offer. “All Talk” would feel right at home on any of the duo’s classic recordings. Jackson’s signature flute along with his gorgeous chords align with the jazz funk groove that propels the disc. Jackson shifts gears completely with “Nomad”, a cinematic gem where Jackson’s vocals glide over a warm piano melody. “Little Orphan Boy” is another funky number that will find a home with premier DJs worldwide. While Heron was front and center back in the day. Jackson demonstrates that he was the motor that made the band run. A welcome return for the legendary musician. Let’s hope he doesn’t wait another twenty years to drop another quality recording.


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