Polyrhythm Addicts: Break Glass [Babygrande Records]

Alright. I know I’m a little late with this one. I actually have been banging this one for quite some time. For reasons in which I can’t explain, I’m just now reviewing it. Shame on me. Now that I’m finally writing this, I’m also trying to determine what kind of punishment would suit the crime of not sharing with you a very good cd. Now, a little history. The Polyrhythm Addicts, consisting of DJ Spinna, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Apani B and Mr Complex dropped an album back in 1999 called “Rhyme Related”, to critical acclaim. Afterwards the group disbanded. Eight years later, Poly has reunited. Apani B has been replaced by the fiery Tiye Phoenix. Their new release, “Break Glass…” is so refreshingly good on so many levels. For starters, the beats. Nothing recycled here. DJ Spinna keeps the listener locked in with creative samples to quench your musical palette. Listen to “Reachin'”, a bumpin track where Pharaoh Monche stops by to assist. Lyrically, Shabaam and Sahdeeq step up to provide clever wordplay and cover a variety of topics. As for newcomer Tiye Phoenix, mark my words, you’ll be hearing a lot more from this MC. She’s the truth! On “Ugly World”, she drops the line (You like to take my kindness as a weakness, you taking my vagina as a weakness, you should take it from my rhyming, I’m a genius). She goes on but you need to hear the rest for yourselves. On “Revamp” Poly pays respect to the art form of hip hop and that it doesn’t need to take a back seat to cookie cutter nonsense that dominates the airwaves today. “It’s my life Feat Phonte” is easily one of my favorites. An irresistible beat combined with a little singing from Tiye Phoenix (Yes! She can sing too). This one is simply one of those feel good hip hop joints that you will have on repeat. “Goin Down” is probably my second favorite here. A laid back beat that is another winner as well. Unfortunately, it appears as though people are sleeping on this disc since it has been out for a few months. Here’s hoping that you will not do the same. A lot of folks have been comparing this crew to the Fugees, for obvious reasons. However, the Poly has their own flavor. Each member can rock the mike and do it well. In a year in which we’ve been blessed with a nice collection of real hip hop, you need to add this to your top ten list. Definite Satisfaction.