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Amanda Whiting – The Liminality of Her [First Word Records]

In a short period, Amanda Whiting has made her presence felt on the UK jazz scene as an accomplished harpist and composer. Strong recordings on Jazzman records and Albert’s Favorite’s are evidence of that. “The Liminality of Her” is her first release on First Word records. The ten track release explores a new direction as the title suggests. Liminality is the in-between moments of what was and what is. “Liminal” is a blissful mid-tempo tune where Whiting manipulates the harp into sounding more like an acoustic guitar. “Waiting To Go” is another highlight where Chip Wickham’s flute phrasings complement the vibrations of the harp. “Rite of Passage is a gentle tune that features vocalist Peach. Whiting is venturing into new territory here. “The Liminality of Her” will be a gratifying listen for those who choose to travel along with her.


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