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Pedro Ricardo & Dami​á​n Botigué – Un Nuevo Amanecer [Canela En Surco]

“Un Nuevo Amanecer” is the debut of Pedro Ricardo and Damian Botigue (aka Karmasound). The title speaks to the journey between two worlds. Ricardo is from Portugal while Botigue is from Argentina. Out on the Barcelona label Canela En Succo, the seven track lp is striped down Latin jazz aligned with fusion and folk harmonies. The title track is a simmering blend of warm guitar rhythms and vocal harmonies layered over wobbly electric piano riffs. “Atlantico” heats up the mood with sunny chords and percolating percussion. “Mar de Fora” brims with a bossa nova groove along with subtle guitar licks from Luis Tanez. Label boss Breixo MArtinez add soft vocal harmonies alluding to the Galician beach of Mar de Fora. You don’t have to be near the Galician beach to enjoy this record. Just find yourself a quiet place and let this lp sink into your body. You won’t regret it.


VA – Glucklich Vol VI [Compost Records]

DJ/Producer Rainer Truby presents “Glucklich Vol VI”, a collection of rare Brazilian grooves worthy of a wider audience. Jon Lucien’s “Come With Me To Rio” sets the disc on an arc of engaging blissful compositions. This track was only available as a limited edition seven inch in Brazil. “Midnight Gigolos” from Brother Samba is a dreamy instrumental that will create visions of paradise. “Sonzeira” is a tune originally released by Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label with Nina Miranda on vocals. Truby and frequent partner Corrado Bucci (Truccy) transform the track from sublime to infectious hip shaking samba layered with hipnotic percussion. It has taken twenty years for Truby to deliver a follow up to Vol 5. The wait has been long but the selections here are quite impressive. Another winner from the Munich based Compost Record label.


VA – The Jazz Room Vol. 2 compiled by Paul Murphy [BBE Music]

Vol. 2 of BBE label head Paul Murphy’s “The Jazz Room” series highlights swinging Jazz, sizzling Latin Jazz grooves and much more. The tasty tracks chosen here will take you back to a time where the Jazz club was the place to be to get your party on. Evidence of that begins with the percussive Latin banger “Manteca” from Ceasr’s Salad. “Rebel No. 23” has a swinging 60s soul jazz groove courtesy of Tenor sax/Flutist Chip Wickham. Parisian based Florian Pellissier is one of the priemer pianists worldwide. Pellissier and his quintet come out swinging hard with “The Hipster”. Murphy certainly has great taste as Vol. 1 has demonstrated. Once again he delivers another marvelous compilation to expose you to hidden gems old and new.


Sunb​ö​rn – Sunb​ö​rn [Tramp Records]

The Danish band formerly known as KutiMangoes returns as Sunborn. Their eight track release is a vibrant collection of West African influences and brassy afro-beat rhythms. The opening track “Dancing In The Dusk” is an exhilarating display of swirling horn arrangements and percussion certain to put you in full blown toe tap mode. Along with fiery tunes there’s an equal amount of simering mellow burners as well. “Reach” kicks off with tasty melodic guitar intro that takes center stage. “Echoes” is a meditative tune driven by warm trombone harmonics. Their name may have changed but their sound has only gotten better with time. A terrific album certainly worth checking out.


Malcolm Strachan – Point Of No Return [Haggis Records]

Scottish trumpeter Malcolm Strachan follows up his impressive debut with another engaging record. Where “About Time” showcased a straight ahead sound “Point Of No Return” taps into the CTI sound with warm melodic compositions. “Nossa Danca”  is a bubbly tune with a Latin groove layered with Strachan’s warm harmonic tone . “The Wanderer” is a mid tempo tune that instantly melts into your soul. It’s layered with notable contributions from pianist George Cooper. In addition, UK vocalist Jo Harrop adds heavenly wordless phrasings and Atroll Ransome on flute takes the tune to another level. Strachan’s working band is a cohesive unit that is on top of their game. Strachan captures the spirit of the CTI sound with an impressive collection of soul jazz grooves with some bossa rhythms for good measure.


2rd January 2023 – Best Of 2022 Part 3

The Basic Soul Show
The Basic Soul Show
2rd January 2023 - Best Of 2022 Part 3
Melonyx – Energy (Zero T Instrumental Remix) [Tru Thoughts Recordings]
Tommy The Cat – How The River Flows [E-Beamz]
Anwar – Feminine Flavour [MFC Records]
SBTRKT – Miss The Days [Save Yourself]
Kid Fonque X Jonny Miller feat. ASAP Shembe – Owahku (Bruk Rogers & Onj Remix) [Stay True Sounds]
Natalie Duncan feat. Lauren Marshall – Found Myself (WheelUP Remix) [Fallen Tree 1Hundred]
Adriana and Bembe – This Is Me (Wipe the Needle Remix) [Da Lata Music]
Jonny Faith – Rare Move [Tru Thoughts Recordings]
Turbojazz – The Standard [Last Forever Records]
Key Elements – Space [Sonar Kollektiv]
Mark de Clive-Lowe – Thembi [Soul Bank Music]
Kwesi Yvorra feat. Heidi Vogel – Give Go Scenario [Jazz Re:Freshed]
Allysha Joy & Rara Zulu – Still Dreaming [First Word Records]
Sessa – Canção da Cura [Mexican Summer]
Panna Cotta – Sunrise [Lumberjacks In Hell]
Steady Weather feat. Kylie Auldist – Love Came Along [Darker Than Wax]
Diogo Strausz – Emancipação [Razor-N-Tape Reserve]
Laroye & Abi Flynn – Rise [Atjazz Record Company]
JKriv feat. Toribio – Shoulda Been Me (Alton Miller Remix) [Razor-N-Tape Reserve]
Osunlade – Black Woman Cry [Yoruba Records]
Komo B – Birds Flying High’ [EPM Music]
Kutiman & Elif Çağlar – Silkyway [Siyal Music]
Eye Of The High – Seismic Shift [First Word Records]
Lorenzo Morresi – Promenade [Rollover Milano Records]

26th December 2022 – Best Of 2022 Part 2

The Basic Soul Show
The Basic Soul Show
26th December 2022 – Best Of 2022 Part 2
OM Unit – Valium Tempo [Om Unit Self Released]
Hardkandy feat. Andy Platts – Stronger Stuff [Wah Wah 45s]
Scrimshire – Hornbeam [Albert’s Favourites]
Sefi Zisling – Welcome Sunset [Tru Thoughts Recordings]
Dave & Omar – Starlight [Z Records]
Prins Thomas feat. Bugge Wesseltoft – Sunroof Down [Full Pupp]
Nu Genea – Marechià [NG]
Frankson feat. Kathrin deBoer – Mistaken [LxL,DxD]
Handbook feat. Hunam – Joie O Chagrin [Cascade Records]
Isatta Sheriff & Koralle – For Those Who Love [Melting Pot Music]
Dangermouse & Black Thought – No Gold Teeth [BMG]
Inkswel & The Snaglepuss feat. Dudley Perkins – Everything (Mr Scruff Remix) [Cosmocities Records]
John Beltran presents Sol Set – Sugarloaf [All Good Music Label]
Kaidi Tatham feat. Robert Mitchell – Sooretama [First Word Records]
Str4ta feat. Emma-Jean Thackray – Lazy Days [Brownswood Recordings]
Quiet Dawn feat. Oliver Night – Change Must Come [First Word Records]
Stefano De Santis – Sick With Rhyme [Ramrock Red Records]
Charlie Stacey – Music Is Healing [Night Dreamer]
Chip Wickham – The Hit [Gondwana Records]
Batavia Collective – Propulsion [R&S Records]
NTEIBINT – True [Eskimo Recordings]
Mark E – Swimming Through A Diamond [Delusions Of Grandeur]
Luke Vibert – Surrounded By Neighbours [Hypercolour]
Crackazat – Evergreen [Freerange Records]
LyricL – When You Read This (Atjazz Galaxy Art Remix) [Makin’ Moves]
Titeknots – You Nowhere [Press Something Play Something]
Harvey Sutherland feat. DāM-FunK – Feeling Of Love [House Anxiety]

19th December 2022 – Best Of 2022 Part 1

The Basic Soul Show
The Basic Soul Show
19th December 2022 - Best Of 2022 Part 1
Fernando Falcao – Curimāo (Acid Mondays Temple Edit)
Gaoulé Mizik – A Ka Titine (Dam Swindle Remix) [Heist Recordings]
Moton Records Inc. – Uno (Marc Roberts Edit) [Moton]
Paul Fathy – Funky Baby Love [Favorite Recordings]
Tony Jackson – Steppin’ Out On The Groove [Freestyle Records]
Eddie Holman – Holy Ghost [BBE Music]
Courtial With Errol Knowles – Don’t You Think It’s Time [Mad About Records]
Grady Tate – Lady Love [Diplomats Of Soul]
Charles Stepney – Step On Step [International Anthem]
Hermeto Pascoal – Flor do Amor [Far Out Recordings]
Maria de Fátima – Bahia Com H [Altercat Records]
Wanda – E Vem O Sol [Vampi Soul]
Joyce with Mauricio Maestro – Coração Sonhador [Far Out Recordings]
Robin Jones And His Quintet – Denga [Jazz Room Records]
Brunno – Bossa [Notes On A Journey]
Toró Instrumental – Dunas [Musica Macondo]
Quintaessencia – Serrado [Mr Bongo]
David Wertman, Sun Ensemble – Flute Song [BBE Music]
Tony Lavorgna & The St. Thomas Quartet – Chameleon [Jazz Room Records]
Ian Carr With Nucleus – Ariadne [Be With Records]
Per Husby Septett – The Peacemaker [BBE Music]

David Versace – Okra [La Sape]

Austrailian based Pianist/Composer David Versace turns in a potent release with “Okra”. Versace’s seven track debut demonstrates his versalitity as a piniast, not to mention his work on double bass and percussion. The opener “Summer Party” brings a Latin flavor to the party. Trumpeter Curtis Scibilla puts his stamp on the recording with infectious vamps. “Saguaro” sparkles with strong percussive rhythms and a hypnotic bass groove. “KP Cruisin” is a modal tune that builds with adventurous polyrhythms. Drummer Jasper Gundersen’s rhythmnic five-four time provides a perfect canvas for Scibilla’s blissful soloing. A shame there’s only seven tunes here. Versace’s compositions make for a marvelous record. Austrailian based La Sape records is a label filled with superb recordings and this release is no exception. Versace is indeed one to keep an eye on.


31st October 2022

The Basic Soul Show
The Basic Soul Show
31st October 2022
Turbojazz – The Standard [Last Forever Records]
Dego – Take Me Away [2000 Black]
Adriana and Bembe – This Is Me (Wipe the Needle Remix) [Da Lata Music]
Unknown – i-A-L
Stefano De Santis – Nova Laze [Ramrock Red Records]
Eye Of The High – Seismic Shift [First Word Records]
MF Robots – Make the Call (Two Soul Fusion Boogie Remix) [BBE Music]
Hamish Balfour – Alphonse [Shapes of Rhythm]
Chris Karen – Mojave [Earful Records]
Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media – The Ground For Peace [Cinedelic Records]
Giants Are Real – Form & Formless [Jazz Re:freshed]
Charlie Stacey – Music Is Healing [Night Dreamer]
Per Husby Septett – The Peacemaker [BBE Music]
Masaru Imada Trio + 1 – Blueroad [BBE Music]
Carlos Franzetti – Lady Soho [Jazz Room Records]
Underground Canopy – Space Gems [Menace]
Guts feat. Florian Pellissier – Estrellas [Heavenly Sweetness]
Kutiman feat. Dekel – My Everything [Siyal Music]
John Beltran presents Sol Set – Rhythm Of The Sun [All Good Music]
Lucas Santtana – Vamos Ficar Na Terra [NØ FØRMAT!]
Reggie B – Tinky’s Jam [NBN Records]
Settle Down feat. FD – What Is Real [E-Beamz]
Physics – The Most Beautiful Boy In Brazil (Drumagick Remix)

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