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Another Taste – Another Taste [Space Grapes Records]

Another Taste are a four piece band with a handful of special guests from the Netherlands. The self titled debut specializes in 70s styled boogie tunes. The live instrumentation lends to the authenticity of their sound. Bob Roche on bass and rhythm guitar is a constant presence throughout the disc. Barend Lippens synth arrangements as well as his lead vocals also hit the mark. The opener “Turn Up” is infectious boogie funk. “Anything You Want” is soulful boogie meets Disco with dazzling synths. Vocalist Sarina Voorn gliding over the thumping bass groove.s the icing on the cake. The finale “Perfect Night” is laidback synth laden boogie funk. This is a band that knows how to lay down the funk. Polish your dancing shoes, you’re gonna have a funky good time.


Tune In


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