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La Dotu Lado / Coladera

Coladera - La Dotu Lado


And yet another winner from Agogo records. Singer guitarist and Belo Horizonte native Vitor Santana & Portuguese singer guitarist Joao Pires are the duo better known as Coladera. They're also joined by Cape Verdean master percussionist Miroca Paris. "La Dotu Lado" is a stirring collection of Lusaphone compositions inspired by Brazilian and Portuguese rhythms. The title track has a traditional bossa nova tempo highlighted by Santana & Pires unique guitar strumming and vocal harmonies. "Mandinga" is a swaying tune that features Aline Frazao on vocals. "Ceu Azulino" is filled with blissful flamenco rhythms. While their first lp failed garner much attention, this joyful release is a pleasure worthy of repeated listens.

Reg Dancy, 06/19