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Symphonie Pacifique / Greg Foat

Greg Foat - Symphonie Pacifique


At first glance at "Symphonie Pacifique", the new release from pianist Greg Foat is the bright and colorful art work. One listen and these thematic compositions appear to mirror the cover art as well. There are more upbeat compositions here than previous releases yet still maintain his usual brillance. Evidence is immediate with the title track, a joyful tune filled with exuberant lush soundscapes. "Yonaguni" is another highlight due to the two cellists on board and the choral vocals. Foat's joyful melodiic flourishes takes the tune to greater heights. On "Island Life" he shifts the tempo down a bit and creates a cinematic gem filled with lavish harmonic textures. "Lament for Lamont" is a melancholy tribute to composer Duncan Lamont. The rhythm section of bassist Phil Achille and drummer Moses Boyd make for a first rate ensemble. Foat is proving to be a gifted composer as every track is a joyful listen. He continues to expand his musical vision and incorporate new elements.  Simply a tremendous record that you shouldn't miss.

Reg Dancy, 07/20