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Beat Tape / Jonny Drop

Jonny Drop - Beat Tape

Albert's Favourites

London based DJ Jonny Drop latest release "Beat Tape" offers a myriad of rhythms that your average beat tape doesn't. Instead of your usual electronic drum patterns supplying the beats there are snare drum rhythms reminiscent from the seventies soul period that provide the foundation. Not too surprising considering Drop is an avid drummer himself. Add some sassy jazz vocal samples and astral melodies and you have a recording that provides definite satisfaction. Highlights include "Mind field" is cosmic jazz funk with ethereal vocal samples. "Billy's Girl"features spacey keys and dreamy soundscapes. "This Is The One" is filled with haunting vocals and strings. This release is filled with superb remixing as well as a glimpse into Drop's musical archive. As far as beat tapes go, this is definitely a cut above the rest.

Reg Dancy, 05/16