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The Only Sound / Jonny Drop

Jonny Drop - The Only Sound

Albert's Favourites

Drummer/beatmaker Jonny Drop's last solo release "Beat Tape" demonstrated a niche for soulful hip hop infused grooves. Since then he formed the jazz funk band The Expansions where his sound continues to evolve. On his latest solo record it's evident that his growth as an artist has gone to another level. "The Only Sound" is a warm imaginative soulful journey ripe with beautiful vocals, quality samples and instrumentation. "The Looking Glass" is an blissful mid tempo beauty that features heavenly vocals from Sarah Williams White. Grace Walker blesses the soulful guitar driven "Flashlight". "Moon Food" is tinged with psychedelic rhythms and features premiere reedist Tamar Osborn on flute. Drop seamlessly blends live drumming with loops and beats so you can't tell one from the other. It all adds up to an superb listening experience that you'll have on repeat

Reg Dancy, 10/18