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A Town Called Elsewhere / Killiam Shakespeare

Killiam Shakespeare - A Town Called Elsewhere


There were a flurry of great lps dropping in 2015 so you're forgiven if you missed the debut of Killiam Shakespeare. The Philadelphia based band is led by the duo of Keyboardist Corey Bernhard and drummer Steve McKie. Their debut unleashed a collection of spaced out funky compositions that defies genres and proved to be deeply satisfying. Their sophomore release "A Town Called Elsewhere" builds on that debut and demonstrates a maturity in their sound. There are hypnotic instrumentals to savor like "Barry's Prophecy" and Salt & Pepper Wings". There's some vocal contributions that lift these compositions another notch as well. Chris Turner's vocals are perfectly suited for the emotive "WDTKAL". Amber Navran of Moonchild lends her sublime vocals to "The One". The disc wraps up the funky string laden "Milk, Honey, Blood & Tears". This is one of a handful of bands separating themselves from the pack. The textures and the melodies will linger with you long after the song is over. You need to get familiar with them

Reg Dancy, 12/18