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Family Dinner / Kylie Audist

Kylie Audist - Family Dinner


Vocalist Kylie Audist has been a member of the burgeoning soul scene in Melbourne for several years. Whether being a featured vocalist for the raw soul outfit The Bamboos or other musical collectives, her powerful emotive vocals are the driving force behind a number of their funk and soul tunes. On her fourth LP, "Family Dinner" Audist deviates from the customary hard driving rhythms of 60s soul in favor of 80s flavored boogie disco grooves. With the LP produced by Bamboos founder Lance Ferguson you can be certain that the grooves and overall instrumentation is in good hands. Evidence can found on "Sensational" for starters. Kylie's voice roars over a thunderous bass and synth groove. "Waste Of Time" is a mid-tempo tune with a dreamy melody, Kylie shifts to a softer tone and is supported by tasty horns and infectious guitar rhythms. "Rewards" is another winner, a playful swaying Disco tune laced with funky guitar riffs. Loyal fans are used to her brilliance, it's time for everyone to take notice.

Reg Dancy, 08/16