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Blessings / Marathon Men

Marathon Men - Blessings

Chillifunk Records

The Marathon Men have been causing quite a stir over the last few months with their deep house workout featuring Me'shell Ndegeocello “In Paradise”. Out of the blue comes their debut on Loft’s Chillifunk records. Simbad and partner in crime Freddie McQuinn, really know how to mix up the styles with Garage, Broken, Hiphop beats and a full range of vocalists to suit the arrangements. At the start of a few of the tracks, I was little unsure of some of the vocals; but then half-way through each track it made sense. On second listen, all the parts of the puzzle were in place. Their first single “Tell Me What You Know” is very much in a Basement Jaxx affair, which will hopefully give them the attention they fully deserve.

Simon Harrison, 11/05