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My Soul Sensation / Nicole Willis & Banda Palomita

Nicole Willis & Banda Palomita - My Soul Sensation


The songstress Nicole Willis returns with a new album and a new band. "My Soul Sensation" marks a more modern sound and she sounds right at home. The band Banda Palomita is comprised of members from Finland, Senegal and Brazil. They demonstrate their ability to create tasty laid back grooves to complement Nicole's soaring vocals. "Save Me" is a mellow RnB tune with a sprinkle of synths and percussion. "Reparate" is a mid-tempo boogie tune and "Free" is a dance inspired funk burner filled with infectious electric guitar. Willis has shown time and again that she can belt out classic soul tunes with the best of them. This refreshing release shows she's a delight in any style.

Reg Dancy, 04/19