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Atlantic Oscillations / Quantic

Quantic - Atlantic Oscillations

Tru Thoughts

"Atlantic Oscillations" is Will Holland's first release under his Quantic moniker since 2014's "Magnetica". Holland has blazed various cultures in his music, most notably immersing himself in Columbia for seven years. From there he relocated to the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn NY where he has resided for the last five years. Williamsburg has a growing club culture which inspired a number of tracks here. "You Used To Love Me" is a blissful tune with a heavy bottom that features the lush vocals of Denitia. The title track is an infectious soulful disco tune laced with swaying strings and rumbling piano. "Tierra Mama" featuring Nidia Gongora and The Marimba rhythms of "La Reflexion" capture the spirit of Columbia. Holland recorded the entire album with live musicians in his new studio. A wise choice considering the warm sound that permeates throughout the disc. The result is an thrilling merger of Pacific and Atlantic rhtyhms that you shouldn't miss.

Reg Dancy, 07/19