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Non Zero Sum Game / Thatmanmonkz

Thatmanmonkz - Non Zero Sum Game


Sheffield resident Scott Moncrieff aka Thatmanmonkz has become a sought after DJ and producer on the strength of numerous house bangers for a number of labels. In 2016 he dropped his LP debut "Columbusing", a mash up of RnB, hip hop and House. Now he's back on his own Shadeleaf label with his follow up LP "Non Zero Sum Game". Monkz demonstrates a deft hand at multiple styles of House with sterling results. Among the highlights are the raw stripped down heater "Easy Still" featuring A Brother Is (better known as Pete Simpson). This is the track you'll find true house heads working up a sweat at the club at 2am showing no signs of slowing down. From there Monkz seamlessly weaves from the infectious Afro House of "Sawa Sawa" to the sensuous disco flavoured "Them Thangs" featuring the vocals of Ms Fae. "LVNLMTD" is another highlight that's filled with lush string arrangements that make it a sophisticated gem. If you're not familiar with Monkz then this is the perfect introduction to his work. After you're done with this essential recording I suggest you check out his earlier work as well.

Reg Dancy, 10/19