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7 Summers / Shaun Martin

Shaun Martin - 7 Summers


"Seven Summers" is the debut of pianist Shaun Martin of Snarky Puppy. The full length release chronicles his journey and growth as an artist and a person. The result is an engaging collection of jazz,fusion laced with funk and gospel rhythms. A fixture in the Dallas Texas community, he's with everyone from serving as music director for Kirk Franklin to collaborating with Erykah Badu. "Lotus" is spirited fusion with plenty of space for Martin's superb soloing. "Love Don't Let Me Down" is a warm ballad with a gospel flavored organ groove. "Madiba" is jazz funk inspired by the passing of Nelson Madela.The disc wraps up with vocalist and fellow Dallas native Geno Young on the funkified "All in A Days Work". There's a number of tunes that reflects the Snarky Puppy sound but make no mistake, this has Martin's personal touch all over it. This is an joyous recording that has a little something for everyone.


Reg Dancy, 10/15

Golden Age Against The Machine / Shawn Lee

Shawn Lee - Golden Age Against The Machine


Multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee has experimented with an assortment of musical flavors over the years ranging from psychedelic soul to cinematic  soundtracks. As the title of his latest project suggests, "Golden Age Against The Machine" pays homage to the birth of Hip-Hop in it's formative years.  One ride through this disc will have you searching for your Kangol hat and your shell top Adidas. Further proof lies with tracks like "Back To The Future" where the grooves and synths will invoke memories of Afrika Bambaata's "Planet Rock". Ohmega Watts smooth flow is the perfect match for the laid back vibe of "We Got The Jazz". "Jackie Chan" would fit perfectly in the Wu Tang library thanks in part to the haunting rhythms and thick beats. While mainstream Hip-Hop has gone corporate, ala "The "Machine", it's nice to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy beats and rhymes in it's purest form.


Reg Dancy, 06/14

Clutch Of The Tiger / Shawn Lee &amp; Clutchy Hopkins

Shawn Lee &amp; Clutchy Hopkins - Clutch Of The Tiger

Ubiquity Records

When two talented instrumentalists collaborate on a project, you wonder about the chemistry between them. In the case of Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins however there is no such concern. In fact, they sound as though they’ve been playing together for years. On “Clutch of The Tiger”, the cinematic compositions of Shawn Lee blend in well with the gritty organic production skills of Clutchy Hopkins. The results are slow burning soulful hip hop jazz masterpieces that are made for late night lounging. Among the highlights are “Two Steps Back”, a laidback downtempo track with a jazzy piano riff that dances over the deep soulful grooves. “Bill Blows It” is another soul jazz number that features soothing flute playing by Clutchy himself. “Dollar Short” is highlighted by a deep bass and jazzy chords. This is stellar work by Shawn and Clutchy. You can add this to the expanding catalogue of quality recordings these two have compiled in recent years. This record is first rate and shouldn’t be missed.


Reg Dancy, 12/08

Tabla Rock / Shawn Lee's Incredible Tabla Band

Shawn Lee's Incredible Tabla Band - Tabla Rock


In the history of drum breaks there isn’t a record more celebrated and sampled than ”Apache” by The Incredible Bongo Band. Thanks to the creativity of DJ/Producer Shawn Lee we’re treated to an alternate take of the Bongo classic by incorporating Indian rhythms to the entire album. With “Tabla Rock” Shawn has enlisted the Tabla player Prithpal Rajput and keyboardist Mark Talbot and breathes new life into The Bongo Band’s compositions. Shawn’s inclusion of the Sitar brings a fresh new element to prime cuts like “Bongolia” and “Pipeline”. The dramatic “Last Bongo in Belguim” is another highlight with exploding Bongo beats and horns colliding to create infectious Indian funky rhythms. This an impressive spin on a historical record that will garner new fans and allow old fans to enjoy all over again.


Reg Dancy, 05/12

Reel To Reel / Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Reel To Reel


If you ever envisioned yourself as an action hero but lacked the quality soundtracks to capture your scenes then I suggest having a copy of “Reel to Reel” by your side at all times. Shawn Lee’s recordings are always steeped in raw and gritty funk and his thematic compositions have sparked interest from filmmakers and rappers searching for quality beats.  Notable tracks are “Boomwack”, a brooding mid-tempo tune with a thick groove. “Spy Seduction” is a string laden mellow bossa tune that would fit nicely in a James Bond scene.  “Soho Chase” is filled with blustering horns and hypnotic bongo rhythms would make for the ideal theme song while you’re about to apprehend a burglar during a car chase. Shawn continues to dig in the crates to finds hidden funk gems and this release is no exception


Reg Dancy, 10/12

Parenthe-Seizure / Sheila Landis

Sheila Landis - Parenthe-Seizure

Counterpoint Records

Sheila Landis is a name I've heard of before but for some unknown reason, I've looked through my record collection and found nothing by her. I remember asking people about the tracks played and writing them down but never followed up. Thankfully Counterpoint have jogged my memory and compiled twelve excellent tracks which will blow you away. Compiled from her album back catalogue (1981-2002), which was released on her self financed Shelan Records. Sheila's voice is a true joy to listen to and will certainly put a smile on your face. Essential tracks are "Leigh Anns Dance", "Nightwalking", "Gershwins Summertime" and "Summertime". If Lanis' name is new to you or if you have some of these tracks missing from your collection, this is a must.


Simon Harrison, 04/07

Gurutopia / Shez Raja

Shez Raja - Gurutopia

Dot Time

With "Gurutopia", Guitarist Shez Raja picks up from where he left off from his previous live release. He continues to expand on his own brand of fusion by incorporating Middle Eastern rhythms with funk and jazz with impressive results. Raja once again surrounds himself with an array of all star musicians like veteran Guitarist Mike Stern and Trumpeter Randy Brecker. Not to leave out his core band who are more than capable of holding their own. Violinist Pascal Roggen dynamic phrasings on "Maharaja" drives this tune to greater heights. Brecker's feathery phrasings and superb soloing shines through on "Sketches Of Space". Stern's improvised playing stands out on the spirited opener "Rabbits". Raja's dynamic playing is the driving force throughout and flashes of brilliance can be heard, specifically on the aptly titled "Rocknrolla". The diversity of rhythms and superb performances make for a compelling recording..


Reg Dancy, 03/16

Soho Live / Shez Raja

Shez Raja - Soho Live

33 Records

You might be familiar with the Shez Raja Collective from his impressive record "Mystic Radikal". ."Soho Live", is the bass guitarist latest recording and it's an all-star jam session focusing on atmospheric soulful jazz compositions. Raja's funky bass rhythms set the tone for his accomplished guests to stretch out and they do exactly that. "Karmic Flow" showcases Violinist Pascal Roggins, who creates wonderful melodies throughout the disc. Soweto Kinch drops by and delivers spirited hip-hop rhymes as well. "Eastern Revolution" is another banger filled with slow burning grooves and Middle Eastern rhythms that features Aaron Liddard's scorching sax solo. Monika Lidke provides vocal phrasings to compliment Raja's funky bass licks on "Chakras On The Wall". With other notable appearances like Andy Phelps and Shabaka Hutchings, the latter appearing on "Adrenalize", "Soho Live" is certain to provide a funky good time.


Reg Dancy, 03/14

United Legends replayed by Sleep Walker / Shuya Okino

Shuya Okino - United Legends replayed by Sleep Walker

Geneon Records

Modal. Jazz. Unbelievable. Sleep Walker are brought on board to remake the "United Legends" album from this time last year and for all but a few notable vocals by way of Carleen Anderson, Clara Hill, Navasha Days, Yukimi Nagano and Josh Milan you would think this was a brand new Sleep Walker release. Full on jazz encased by the now expected perfect packaging only the Japanese seem to provide us. Just good music. Oh, I nearly forgot.... CD 2 is instrumentals... now that's cleaver.


Steve Williams, 01/08

When The Clouds Ran Away / Si Tew

Si Tew - When The Clouds Ran Away

Atjazz Record Company

Si Tew is the latest member of the Atjazz recording family and his full length debut is an assortment of down-tempo electronic beats and experimental soundscapes. Si’s production skills caught the ear of Martin Iveson and it wasn’t long before the two started working together under the MIST alias. After several remixes (most notably Atjazz’s “For Real”) and most recently the Soul Evidence ep, the time was right for an album and he doesn’t disappoint at all. Si starts things off with “Silhouette”, a warm and melodic down-tempo gem aided by the vocals of Shanade. “Hard Look” is an up-tempo ambient beat treat with clever synth arrangements. “Need To Grow” is a definite highlight filled with soothing chords and the soulful vocals of Pete Simpson. “Why Answer?” is a dreamy instrumental sprinkled with gorgeous keys. Overall this is an impressive debut for the talented producer whose services will be in high demand with superb recordings like this.


Reg Dancy, 05/11

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