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Voiciii / Voilaaa

Voilaaa - Voiciii

Favorite Recordings

"Voiciii" (Here It Is) is the third lp from Voilaaa and is steeped in engaging Afro Disco. "Woman Can Do" is a heart pounding dance track featuring the vocals of Ayunne Sule. "Water No Get Enemy" features Pat Kalla. It would fit nicely in the TK Disco catalog. "Manu Ecoute" is a nod to Manu Dibango's "Soul Makossa", filled with funky horns and infectious percussion. "Voiciii" is filled with good vibes and infectious grooves that captures the spirit of pioneers such as Fela Kuti and the aforementioned Dibango. This lp has all the ingredients that made Voilaaa famous, a pulsating soundsystem and joyful vibes. Produced by Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart who has a knack for finding talented vocalists from the around the globe.


Reg Dancy, 02/21

Peng Peng / Voom Voom

Voom Voom - Peng Peng


This is Voom Voom's first full length album after a string of 12"s released over the last few years on K7! Voom Voom is the pairing of Peter Kruder and Fauna Flash, and if you were expecting loads of chilled K&D style breaks n beats? then you will be surprised indeed. Most of the Tracks are 4/4 dancefloor numbers are designed to make you dance rather than chill. Lots of electronic noises sit side by side with twisted vocal stabs and bubbling basslines. The album is getting released as 4 separate 12"s over the next few month's. The first of those is already out and features the tracks 'All I Need' and 'Sao Verought'. But each of the 4 separate vinyls are limited to 2000 so you best be quick. The CD will be appearing in the Spring featuring all the tracks that appear on the vinyl. I'm really loving the album, but I can see a few of the tracks rubbing the purists up the wrong way with the rock guitar samples, off-kilter b-lines and electro beats . I'll be giving some of the tracks main room action over the coming month's cause I reckon it'll get em grooving for sure.


Jax, 03/06

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