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Anthology Vol 1 and 2 / Jimpster

Jimpster - Anthology Vol 1 and 2


Dj/Producer Jamie Odell aka Jimpster has been on the short list of premier DJs for the past twenty five years.  He has released numerous timeless house tracks on his label Freerange records as well as other labels. With the release of the Anthology Vol 1 & 2 lp, we take a moment or several hours to celebrate some of his acclaimed recordings. As one might expect, this two disc set is loaded with bangers. "Sleeper" is heart pounding house with equal parts warmth, groove and heavy beats. "One" is infectious house with vocal assistance from Casamena. Jimpster's production is on point as the momentum builds throughout the track until it reaches a fever pitch. The digital version of this lp features a couple of down-tempo tunes perfect to shift your mood and give your feet a rest. "The Sun Comes Up" is one of those tunes to help you unwind after a night of clubbing. Or it's simply just a high quality chillout track. This disc is a great place to add some classics from a DJ still on top of his game.

Reg Dancy, 07/21