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City Of All / Makez

Makez - City Of All

Heist Recordings

The Amsterdam based duo known as Makez's full length debut "City Of All" is the follow up to their impressive 2019 debut EP "Different Planets". Like their EP, this release is filled with big bold infectious house and down-tempo grooves. "Not So Different" is loaded with masculine energy, pulsating beats and guest vocals courtesy of Lyma. "Feel The Same" is another banger with a big majestic sound, heightened by bombastic cymbals and soaring vocals that punctuate the groove. The duo demonstrate their range as producers isn't beholden to house. "Looking Up" is a slow burning down-tempo tune augmented by the seductive vocals of Allysha Joy. "Orbit" is an orgasmic blend of jazz, latin and funk that has a meditative quality to it. There's a deep well of warmth to these compositions. The house tracks aren't just for dance floor consumption, they're perfectly suited for any setting. The other tunes are equally impressive. These guys are showcasing a lot of talent here. They've crafted a superb album that should make them a household names before long.

Reg Dancy, 07/21