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Y-Otis 2 / Otis Sandsjo

Otis Sandsjo - Y-Otis 2

We Jazz

Berlin based Swedish saxophonist Otis Sandsjo made quite a splash with his 2019 release "Y-OTIS". With "Y-OTIS 2" he continues to push the boundaries and defies genres. Bassist Petter Eldh and drummer Tilo Weber return while Dan Nicholls takes over for Elias Stemeseder on keys and synths. Along with a few guests they collaborate on a stunning colection of adventurous compositions that drift beyond jazz. "Tremendoce" starts off with Per "Texas" Johansson and Jonas Kullhammar trading engaging flute melodies before accompanied by Eldh's inticing bass groove. The theme is set with boundless melodies from each musician taking on a life of their own before coming back together as one. Sandsjo sprinkles his creative horn rhythms throughout giving everyone freedom to explore yet still making his presence felt. Nicholls majestic piano rhythms set the mood on "Abysmal". Sandjso injects an inspired solo midway through as the tempo shifts into high gear. "Atombahn" brims with boundless energy from Sandjso while Nicholls spacey synths elevates the track to another dimension. An ambitious recording filled with innovative compositions. This band is quickly making a name for themselves in a huge way.

Reg Dancy, 10/20