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Mellow Fantasy / Potatohead People

Potatohead People - Mellow Fantasy

Bastard Jazz

When it comes mellow soulful hip-hop, few do it better than the duo from Vancouver known as Potatohead People, Their third lp "Mellow Fantasy" delivers with another collection of neck snapping beats enhanced by an array of up and coming rappers and vocalists on the underground circuit. "What It Feels Like" provides plenty of bounce along with a touch of jazzy rhythms. Rapper/singer Illa J and Kapok's verses raise the track to another level. It should be no surprise of the connection between Illa J and the duo. Their signature drum style is a result of the influence Illa J's late brother, J Dilla has had on them. The good grooves continues with "Baby Got Work", a bumpin track that's tailor made for Dela La Soul's Posdnuosto jump on. "Break Even" is simply sublime thanks in part to Kendra's Dias's warm and soothing vocals. Everything these guys put out is worth your attention and this release is no exception.

Reg Dancy, 12/20